Iran car rental without driver

Iran car rental without driver

Iran car rental

tehran taxi

What about your income anandh Tehran taxi idea? But in the prologue of this work requires people to hard? Do you spend, and allegedly reads together taxi drivers? Does the car rental with driver orcar rental without driver is better or that they have jobs in the head? How to log on to this job in Tehran? In this article the provision of responses to this prsshahast.

rental car iran tehran

rent taxi tehran

For example, to look at the people who make their own jobs among the people, the taxi driver at the airport a special reputation. Hopefully to success in employment or do not have it, the head of the  become the first option. many travelers also use the taxi is hard to them they need to have a personal car, but do not have the required money to purchase a car is the best job in terms of use of the car rental without driver.

Hard job and chore

Of course, being a taxi driver is not working anyone. also on the brittleness of passengers will not be built, but with a rental car with driver of this somewhat reduced the need for dogma. Speaking of driving on the streets of the city and opposing State policies and encountered a problem. Features walking too much traffic and stay on top of the cost of a taxi is the best and most logical internal car rental solution with easy and affordable.
The minimum necessary for becoming a taxi driver!
Because of these problems is far greater in the and in the city of Karaj, Tehran, Esfahan, Tabriz, linkdin desired you can rent or instead of using a taxi airport iran agency of formalities. problems but most of the taxis in different cities is common. Since it has its own taxi job fans and many seek to enter this shghland so having information from taxi driver allegedly spent for enthusiasts will be helpful.
In this regard, the lingering Bliss company car rental without driver, with drivers for dial-up, or wireless, certain formalities offices (rail, Terminal and airport) and special (unique to special centers) are present in the towns and services to citizens.
Get airport taxi iran driver is not simple. Before the yellow or green car, no one called shodzo in one of our online taxi is one of the cities in Iran must take a few steps behind.
The lives of the passengers that joke. Additionally, this also know that to get a taxi driver's apprentice license is nearly similar to the steps for getting a taxi license and getting no formalities should be behind. Also, those who intend to buy a points from  to rent or need to have during these steps. Car rental and organization of the Institute of  in each province and municipality of each location to do this should be it. If the thought of getting a car rental formalities and the Institute have in mind.

The first step

Look at the terms
In the first step of your car rental agency and formalities of the city go. The employee section of the terms of your licensing permits taxi and airport formalities and more informed. To have the taxi driver with the formalities and the initial conditions are defined according to a law that must be met before any action meets these requirements. Marital condition and age is one of them; someone to buy a taxi or rental car license plate with driver action must the top 22 years of age.
The maximum age allowed for this work is 60 years. Having completed military service duty card or card exemption is required. Degree in ancient like the railway or rent car airport iran  work must have a minimum diploma and other taxi drivers, of course, at least a fifth elementary school lines the Institute of car rental

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