The beautiful Kish Island

The beautiful Kish Island

Guidelines for a road trip to Kish Island in Iran by car rental

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Due to the severe shortage of tourist iran information about travel to the beaches and Islands of the Persian Gulf, I decided than writing two posts with the subject of comprehensive guide to overland travel with car rental in Iran's Kish Island  and Qeshm Islands separate the action book both written and constantly updated with new information, or circumstances change, or some visitor from the specific notification, posts can be edited.
Rent car iran is worth noting both entries in  English for all hobbyists have been produced. As always, any dissemination and use with car rental tehran website address mentioned Iran and Iran tourism tour to the source is quite allowed.


Rent a car with a trip to Kish

Access roads to the assassin with renting a car in Assassin


A road trip with respect to an arbitrary path, one of the cities return, quartile port and port sunlight. Along with renting a car in Kish and Iranian car rental car rental that can be through Iran is certainly a good memory of the tour for you.


1. Tehran, Qom, Kashan, Natanz, Isfahan, SHAHREZA, abadeh, marvdasht, Shiraz, (LAR, Jahrom, Bastak, Bandar return, quartile) or (firuzkuh, bitumen, khonj, lamerd, sunny port or port quartile) you are renting a car in assassin to reach these locations.


2. the port of Abadan, Ahvaz, omidiyeh or Jimmy, kangan, ganaveh,, or the port of sunshine all the track quartile by rent a car on the assassin to help you.


3. the merchant, Maku, Marand, Tabriz, bostanabad, abhar, Zanjan, hashtrud, Qom, Saveh, Buin Zahra, Kashan, Natanz, Isfahan, SHAHREZA, abadeh, marvdasht, Shiraz, (LAR, Jahrom, Bastak, Bandar return, quartile) or (firuzkuh, bitumen, khonj, lamerd, sunny port or port quartile) rent a car in Assassin is proud that this is the way to introduce.


Rent a car in Iran

Iran tour

Assassin is one of the most attractive Islands in the Persian Gulf is Iran car rental with you can see the points of this lull in the recent two decades, more than two thousand hectares of land has been working forest and island construction and expansion of recreational places, to massively planted trees will be added. The major tree species of the assassin are: us, Iranian, and Pakistani side, Mesquite, Acacia, eucalyptus and Palm plot. One of the most wild animals inhabiting the Iranian Kish Island Iran Antelope that live freely in the form of deer park. Car rental with Tehran in Iran and this will enjoy a variety of edible fish parts and beautiful decorative and colorful fish, coral, shells, dolphins, turtles and ... In the waters surrounding the island are found. With a car rental in the assassin from this location are the most important to visit Kish Island tourist attractions include underground home or city (aqueduct), an ancient town of gruel, great waterfront resorts, Dolphin Park, Zoo, Aquarium and bird garden, the Greek ship, the Coral Beach Park, a collection of sports recreation of Mary (Maryam bowling), water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, Jet Ski and. .. Round island, cycling, horse riding.

The Beach Road with car rental in Assassin

The coastal road is drawn around the island and can be used with view over the island scenery more. and with car rental in assassin cycling field joint green gentlemen and ladies, there are more than 70 km long and to rental stations bikes, electric motorcycle, tricycle, a car rental in the smart two-wheeled robot assassin and similar cases like car rental on the assassin to a few hours after midnight are also engaged in providing the services. The use of safety belts, observe the permitted speed and driving the necessary concentration and the symptoms of Kish and violators will be dealt severely.


Rent khodroodr driving regulations in Kish Island Kish Island to this case is that the speed in the central street of 50 and 60 and درخیابان assassin around 70 km/h. Public transportation devices, mostly between 20-40 fast kilometres on the clock. The streets and بلوارهای assassin to Palm with the decorative beauty and colorful decoration Vogel. you can rent this beautiful island of Kish khodroodr enjoy.


The climate of Kish Island in Iran with the car rental experience

Kish Island has a tropical and semi tropical climate and air temperature in winter 5 degrees and in summer up to 40 degrees Celsius. Dare can be said to Kish Island is one of the most beautiful cities in the Persian Gulf region this beautiful experience. with car rental in میرسانید your best season peak assassin for all-round use of all services, amusements and attractions of Kish Island, winter and especially the late January up to Nowruz.


Rent a car in Kish Island in all seasons

Iran tourism and touring car rental

In this chapter, a good car rental prices in Kish. In this timeframe, Kish Island has quite a refreshing green and smell the flowers in the streets and parks in the whole city complex. With a car rental in the assassin from this season to enjoy the use of off-shore recreation due to being balanced in temperature during the day as well as possible, and well all of the walking and the use of the air conditioning of the island will enjoy. Sports and amusements can be done also in blue this season and cause colds and sickness. However, in the spring the charm and the extent of the use of the beaches more, but a considerable amount of warm air to some extent preventing the use of the beautiful streets and recreational facilities outside of the beach and tghaza in this chapter for rent a car in Kish is abundant.


Wish a beautiful and pleasing journey with car rental in Assassin



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