Bajgan village with a stone architecture in Yazd

Bajgan Village in Yazd Province One of the iran tourist attractions are the villages of Iran. you have to use car renta...

Bajgan Village in Yazd Province

One of the Iran tourism attractions are the villages of Iran. you have to use car rental in Iran for travel to villages.

Bajgan village pictures

Bajgan village in Iran

About Bajgan village

Bajgan is a village of functions in the central part of Bafq city in Yazd Iran. This village is considered to be a beautiful and scarce stone architecture of Bafq city in Yazd. Husseinieh's unique rocky facade is one of the most prominent places in the village. The nature of the village is also known to tourists with its special features, such as the old trees dating back more than a thousand years and the exquisite scenery.

Bajgan village history

According to some sources, the village is about five thousand years old. This village of Bafgh city in Yazd province is one of the villages of tourism destination. This village has tremendous natural effects, an example of this is 220 years old Plantain and the 850-year-old poplar tree.

Bajgan village in Yazd

Bajgan village weather

The village, with its pleasant and mild climate in the summer, such as diamonds in the Bafgh desert region, throws tourists.

Inside Bajgan village

The most important feature of each village is its security and defense features that can be seen in the form of a tower and castle in this village.

Towers and castles in Bajgan village

The shape and position of the tower and castle in the village of Bajgan is different from the other places because the castle and tower are made on the one hand, at the entrance of the village, and on the other hand, beside the village's texture and apart from it, and lacking construction facilities And extensive facilities. And nobody constantly lived in the castle, only at the time of the danger of the village people, especially children, women and the elderly, went to the castle for a limited period of time or protected their objects and equipment.

Bajgan village nature

Bajgan village nature

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