Bazaar of Tabriz; the sympol of greatness in the city

Bazaar of Tabriz Bazaar of Tabriz always has been the symbol of importance, greatness and breadth and because of its ge...

Bazaar of Tabriz

Bazaar of Tabriz always has been the symbol of importance, greatness and breadth and because of its geographical location Throughout the history it became the place of confrontation of ancient civilizations to contemporary and it has been mentioned as the main four-way geographic directions. thats why it become one of the most important Iran tourism attractions.

Bazaar of Tabriz on map

oldest map of Tabriz

bazaar of Tabriz Importance

Tabriz was one of the biggest cities on the silk road and this important position made this city as the center of trade and good exchanges. so that make sense whenever everyone hears Tabriz name they think about bazaar of Tabriz and is so popular in Iran tour.

As markets in Iran are a part of the urban texture of the city and they are the place where the city can be expanded. So there is no exception in Tabriz. The city center can also be found here and the main texture of the Tabriz bazaar consists of two indented North-South and East-West entrances

In1193 AH, this market was affected by earthquake but The skilled architects rebuilt it as soon as they could. The current bazaar is related to the late Zand and Qajar dynasty.

Bazaar of Tabriz roof

Many famous tourists and globe trotter from all around the world had been visited bazaar of Tabriz. Maybe Yaqut al-Hamawi passed from the same corridors, Ibn Battuta shopped from one of these chambers, Marco polo bought a carpet as a souvenir, or maybe Ruy González de Clavijo amazed from the unique elegance of its arches.

Bazaar of Tabriz in UNESCO

Bazaar of Tabriz as the biggest roofed bazaar it has been registered as a first bazaar in world in UNESCO world heritage site because of its Important social and historical position.

Bazaar of Tabriz architecture

This place as One of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture had a special position and not only used for economic activities also was a place for Social Activities like holding national and religious celebrations.

Bazaar of Tabriz and its stores

This ancient bazaar with 1-kilometer-long goes through various historical events and today as A worthwhile legacy has come to our hands. Bazaar of Tabriz has 6500 chambers and 40 different kind of occupations, 20 rows and 35 Caravansaries ,25 inns and 11 corridors and also school, mosque, caravanserai and baths that all of them together made a most complete Social organization between Iran's bazaars.

Bazaar of Tabriz mosque

It does not matter which entry you enter into the market, Walls of clay and mud and plaster Guide you to a winding labyrinth. The labyrinth that no one has ever been able to claim that they Headed out all the chambers and corridors.

What can you buy in bazaar of Tabriz?

The top features of the Tabriz bazaar are the high level of occupancy Most goods that are sold in Tabriz bazaar are Traditional and you cannot find modern stuff like computers there. The most important things that are sold in this mall is Handmade Carpets of Tabriz and Azerbaijan, leather bag and shoes, Spices, Herbal products, nuts, clothes and glass.

Here in one side the shine of gold will It dazzles you, In the other direction the smell of colorful and various spices makes you happy, if you are a fan of traditional goods, you can find a fascinating variety of handicrafts and everything related to the past.

But If you want modern and fashionable goods, you want to create newly created shopping malls around the market whatever you want.

carpets in bazaar of Tabriz

Tabriz leather is no longer needed. The best and most beautiful bag and shoes of Iran here is available to you. Fabrics and curtains are also from here

But the Tabriz market does not mean handmade carpets The Tabriz and Mozafariya Timche in bazaar of Tabriz is where you can only find original carpets, there are no car carpets here.

More information about Bazaar of Tabriz

Bazaar of Tabriz map

Address: The center of Tabriz - East Azerbaijan Province - Iran

Access time: form morning till evening (best time is from 11:30 a.m. till 13 p.m.)

*stores are close on Fridays and holidays

*Timche Mozaffariyeh is open from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m.

Cost for foreign nationals: -

Suggested visit time: about 2 hours to half of the day

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: Jameh Mosque of Tabriz - Constitution House of Tabriz


Access to vehicles:





Network coverage:



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