Ganjali khan bathroom

Kerman is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran that has many historical monuments. In this section, we want to expla...

Kerman is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran that has many historical monuments. In this section, we want to explain to you about one of the best Iran tourism attractions so stay with us.

Ganjali Khan's bathroom history

When Ganjali Khan came to the kingdom, decided to build up the city. He built a large field with a length of more than 100 meters and a width of 50 meters to create a public promenade in the middle of Kerman.

He enclosed the square on four sides with specially designed buildings, including a school, a mosque, a bazaar and a bathroom, an Abanbar and Mint, and created a great collection. The construction of the complex gradually took place, and in the year 989 the bathroom was built in the main direction of Kerman and the south of the Ganjali Khan bathroom complex. People used this bathroom until 1316. In 1347, the building was renovated and turned into an anthropologist museum to be featured as a tourist attraction.

ganjali khan bathroom

Ganjali Khan’s bathroom architecture

Ganjali Khan bathroom is a trace left by the king of Kerman but Ali Mardan Khan, his son, seems to have changed it in the present form. Professor Mohammad Yazdi has been building this bathroom and his calligraphy is from Alireza Abbasi. The bathroom is 64 meters long and 20 meters wide and covers an area of 1280 square meters. Entrance hall, cloakroom, cabinets, ovens, wardrobes, chaise and private parts are parts of this bathroom, which are also seen in many other historic baths.

Studies show that bath water was provided by a pipe from the aqueduct near the Ganjali Khan field. This bathroom depicts the combination of architectural art and the application of various materials with a suitable space. Democratic architecture refers to construction with components and sizes appropriate to human needs.

The main features of the architecture used in this bathroom are:

The use of mosaic tiles, seven colors and adobe tiles, with a human image

Utilization of aqueduct water and water supply network to Khazine, Homes, Sarbine, ponds and numerous fountains.

How to heat the air in the bathroom and how to seal the water tanks and warm the water

The height of the narrow and long corridors and the height of the dressing room

The shape and decorations of the middle pins and facets

Design of inputs and outputs proportional to space

ganjali khan bathroom

Lighting and heat supply

The light of the spaces inside the bath is provided from the ceiling; the lighters are installed in the center or in the ceiling and are aligned with the roof geometry. This will make the ceiling shine and make it shine brightly. The presence of a water pond under these luminaries increases the beauty of space. You can explore the great tourist attractions on the Iran tour

Ganjali Khan’s bathroom decorations

One of the reasons for the renowned Ganjali Khan bath is the decorations and arts used in it.

Tiling: We all know this art well and have seen its effects over and over again. In Ganjali Khan's bathroom, this art has reached its peak in the back of the walls and has stunned everyone. Cornice is a decorative element and a construction that is common in most historical monuments of Iran according to the architectural style and the common arc in each period. Nowadays, cornice has replaced the square in the past. Seven-color tiles and diverse geometric designs, flowers and tees, organs and human faces are among the things you will see in this bathroom.

Plaster, Calligraphy and Painting: Beautiful Iranian art that brings a spectacular view the building, multiplying its magnificence and glory.

ganjali khan bathroom

Anthropology Museum of Kerman

After the restoration of the bathroom in 1347, a special use was made of it and construction of the museum began. Sculptures were created at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran in 1972 to be shown in Ganjali Khan's bathroom. This work has given fresh impetus to this monument and this bath was welcomed by tourists as the Museum of Anthropology in Kerman.

More information about Ganjali khan bathroom:

Address: Ganjali Khan Square, Kerman High Market, Kerman, Iran

Access time: every day 8 - 18

Closure time: -

Cost for foreign nationals: 150000 IRR

Suggested visit time: more than 1 hour

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: Rocky village of meymand, Arg-e Bam

Best time to visit: every 4 season


Access to vehicles: 




Parking lot:


Network coverage:



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