ganjnameh tourist resort complex

Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex is one of the strongest iran tourism attractions in Iran and the Middle East, and is a member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex in Hamadan, which consists of ancient sections and tourism parts. The complex recreational facilities are always ready to welcome domestic and foreign tourists to embody a memorable trip in their Iran tour.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

Ganjnameh The cultural village is located in Ganjnameh Square, five kilometers from Hamadan, in the vicinity of the old inscriptions and Ganjnameh waterfall. The village has created a tourism sample in the northern slopes of the Alvand Mountains in 2000.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex is one of the strongest Iran tourism attractions in Iran and the Middle East and is a member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

The beautiful Alvand valley and the Mishan plain have attracted many tourists every year. The Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex with 5,000 people capacity has all the amenities needed by a tourist, such as recreational, sports, residential, or even educational facilities.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

The village has special facilities such as Bungee Jumping Platform, Tyrol fly cable, Climbing Wall, Trials Track, Air Balance (Ranger), Bowling Hall, Paintball, Aquarium Cave, Snowboarding Pony along with special recreational services including the Tele cabin line, Coffee shops, and various restaurants, playgrounds, indoor gardens, and parking are welcome to tourists.

Ganjmaneh inscriptions

Ganjmaneh inscriptions had various names such as the Gods inscriptions, Alvand inscriptions, War letter, and Ganjnameh, which two have been used for many centuries and nowadays.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

Each inscription is carved in 3 columns of 20 lines in ancient Persian, Babylonian, and Elamite languages. On the left, both inscriptions of ancient Persian texts. In the middle of both inscriptions, the Babylonian text is written and placed in the third column of the Elamite text.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

These inscriptions are placed at the end of the green valley of Abbas Abad and the beginning of the Hamadan road to Tuyserkan on one of the Alvand rocks and include texts from the era of Darius and Xerxes from the Achaemenid dynasty.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

This road is the same caravan route that had existed during the Achaemenid times, and Darius and Xerxes had crossed with their armies and entourage. Since it was one of the main branches of the road that connected Hegmataneh, Achaemenid's summer capital, to Babylon, it has been a long way to go. For this reason, the Achaemenid kings saw this place as an appropriate place to engrave these inscriptions and to remind the greatness of their ancestors and the publication of their beliefs and ideas.

Ganjnameh waterfall

Ganjnameh waterfall is 12 meters high along with the Alvand mountain range beside the Ganjnameh inscriptions. This cascade has permanent water even in winters, which passes through the beautiful valley of Abbas Abad and Ganjnameh.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

This waterfall is on the way to climb Alvand. Its cold seasons doubled the beauty of this waterfall and attracts lots of ice climbers.

Mishan plain

Behind the waterfall is a beautiful plain on the slopes of Alvand Mountain, known as the Mishan. This beautiful plain is mountains and nature enthusiasts, mountain climbing groups, and students' favorite place in the spring.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

Inside the rocks around the Mishan plain, there are very beautiful seasonal waterfalls. Close to Ganjnameh waterfall, a road separates from The Alvand mountain range swamps and beautiful highland plains, reaches Tuyserkan city, Nuts center of Iran.

Ganjnameh telecabin

You can use Ganjmaneh telecines to go to the mountainous known as the " Bride of Iranian Mountains " and enjoy the beauty of the Alvand mountain range, such as the lush nature, the high cliffs, and the beautiful Ganjmanah waterfall.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

Mishan plain is the beginning and end of the telecabin. It takes 15 minutes to go through with the tele cabin, which changes with the speed of the wind. It has 35 cabins that can change according to the weather conditions and the number of passengers. Also, six VIP cabins are intended for these telecines, with leather seats and catering facilities.

Ganjnameh aquarium cave

Ganjnameh aquarium cave is an attraction in Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex that is inspired by the Alisadr cave by creating a completely different environment and preparing a place for research and increasing the level of education and by combining two different elements, the rock and the mountains with deep-sea waters.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

This aquarium collection holds various fishes and starfishes, as well as a collection of the finest examples of environmental and reptiles all around the world.

Ganjnameh tourist resort complex

This cave consists of three main halls with foggy corridors and misty rains and different atmospheres, in a way that each part of the next section is distinct.

More information about Ganjnameh Tourist Resort Complex:

Address: Kulab Blvd - 5 Km from Hamadan city - Hamadan province - Iran

Access time:

*you can visit ganjnameh inscription and waterfall and mishap plain anytime every day,

*But access time for visiting Ganjnameh tourist resort complex is from 8:00 till 18:00

Cost for foreign nationals: -

* you can visit ganjnameh inscription and waterfall and mishap plain fo free,

* But for using different facilities of Ganjnameh tourist resort complex you should pay costs that you can find them out in Ganjnameh website.

Suggested visit time: in resort complex about 2-3 hours

Phone number: (+98) 081-34302261-5


Nearest Tourist Attractions: Ganjnameh waterfall – Mishan plain

Best time to visit: in every season it has its elegance but spring and summer are the best seasons to visit here.


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