Golestan Palace Museums in the Capital of Iran

Tehran Golestan Palace Golestan Palace is a name that glows among the attractions of Tehran and is also listed on UNESC...

Tehran Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace is a name that glows among the attractions of Tehran and is also listed on UNESCO's cultural heritage list. Most of people find this collection a part of the Qajar dynasty, but its history belongs to much further years and built about 440 years ago and gradually completed.

Golestan palace garden

About Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace, is one of the most exclusive historical collections in in Tehran tourism. Nasser Najmi writes in his book "Tehran in the time of the Naseri" that this palace has been named Golestan due to its location in the gardens or "Golestan" and also surrounded with gardens full of colorful flowers and long streets with plantain and cedars trees.

Golestan palace buildings in Tehran

Golestan Palace during Qajar dynasty

This palace has been host to the Qajar kings for many years, Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, Fath Ali Shah, Mohammad Shah Qajar, Naseroddin Shah Qajar, Mozaffaroddin Shah Qajar, Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar and Ahmad Shah Qajar have lived here.

Entering the Golestan Palace

Imagine crossing from 15 Khordad avenue in Tehran that is full of people and sellers are shouting everywhere you enter Golestan palace with a little distance from this street and there's no longer any humming and all you hear is the sound of water and singing of birds.

Golestan palace in tehran

It seems like time has come back and the inhabitants of this palace are still alive, life is still in progress, and the Qajars are on their way. You can choose a gentle curve, sit down and close your eyes and go to another world. This is only one the many reasons that you should visit here if you are taking a Tehran tour.

inside Golestan palace

Golestan Palace architecture

Golestan is in fact a historic complex that includes several palaces and royal palaces, all located in a big garden. The architecture of Golestan palace represents the era of the development of Iranian architecture and its transfer. During this period, the native architecture of Iran was influenced by political, commercial and cultural relations with European countries and modeled on the neoclassical architecture of Europe.

Golestan Palace architecture elements

This transformation effects on everything from architecture of Golestan palace and its related elements to the most private aspects, such as the shroud of women. The result of this was the emergence of a new style called Tehran School of Architecture.

Golestan palace decoration

In the Golestan Palace, you can find multiple decorations like tile work, mirrors work and Gold work on wood. Between all the most considerable is the work with tiles. They have various themes that include: mythology, hunting, hunting, fighting and battle, bosom, romance, landscape and landscape, and monuments, plants and animals, kings, courtiers and governmental, religious and Dominant color of them is yellow that it had been used in Qajar dynasty architecture.

Golestan palace walls

At the corner of Golestan palace, a small but well-stocked marketplace and You can buy a piece of Iranian art in this bazaar as a Memorial of this magical palace.

Also a small cafeteria is located here to spend some sweet moments. You can Sit down on a chair and in a Qajar building with a European Iranian architecture and be welcome to an Iranian or a beverage drink or have a delicious snack.

If you want to endure your visit to Golestan Palace in a different way, go to the photographic booth, wear Qajar dresses and take a picture and that’s it. Your unique memento is ready.

More information about Golestan palace

Golestan palace on map


Address: Arg square - 15 Khordad street – Tehran - Iran

*You can go to Golestan Palace by sub wat (15 Khordad station) but we also suggest the car rental in Iran specially in the weekends so you can visit other places around that area easily.

      Access time: 9 am till 18 pm in the first six months of the year

                          9 am till 17 pm in the second six months of the year

      Entrance Cost for Iranian nationals: 25,000 IRR

      Entrance Cost for foreign nationals: 150,000 IRR

      *Visiting each palace need separate tickets. you can check out the price at the entrance to the Golestan palace.

      Suggested visit time: about 2 to 5 hours

      Phone number: 021-33113335-8


     Nearest Tourist Attractions: Oudlajan Bazaar – Tehran grand bazaar - Mostofi al Mamalek House – city park


     Access to vehicles:





     Network coverage:



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