Rent a van and build camper van |

Rent a van and build camper van |

Rent a van or build camper van 

Do you like travelling with van ? if you want to travel car rental in iran it can be perfect idea you can hire a van in Iran and go Isfahan or shiraz. Rent a van in Iran is thebest solution for enjoying Iran but camper van is more cool .have you ever tough about built you own camper van ? It’s never been easier to build your own camper van. With the reduced cost and increased availability of parts, tools and used vehicles you too can make your own dream camper van, at a fraction of the cost of buying a professional conversion. Our comprehensive guide helps you through every stage, from planning, buying an empty van, sourcing parts, choosing lay outs , fitting furniture and the legal paperwork required.

More and more people are converting their own camper vans. With the reduced costs of second hand vehicles, especially panel vans, and the increased availability of the parts required, it has never been easier

Building your own camper van can be a hugely rewarding project. It can also be a lot cheaper than buying a camper van. If you build your own camper van you can also have a vehicle that exactly meets your needs, especially useful if you are using your vehicles for sports, such as motorcross or surfing.

If you are a competent DIY enthusiast, then you should have few problems building you own camper van. You can expect to build a good looking vehicle. See the list of self built camper vans

You can even aim for a professional looking conversion. If you have limited DIY skills, then you should not be put off. Very little is required to make a live able vehicle. Building a basic camper van just takes a little money and time. See the list of self built camper vans for ideas and inspiration



Planning a Camper Van Conversion

Planning any camper van conversion is essential.  If you don’t you could find yourself undoing work you have already done, wasting time and materials.  You’ll also save yourself more than a few headaches.


Choosing a base vehicle for a camper van conversion

Choosing the right type of vehicle for your campervan conversion is critical.  You need a vehicle that matches your camping requirements, budget and vehicle maintenance skill level. Choosing the right vehicle from the start means …


Buying a Base Van

Choosing a used panel van the best and most popular base vehicle for a camper van or motorcaravan conversion is an empty panel van. There are a few options to consider when choosing the make and model of van, what the van has previously been used for, and from where to buy it.


Camper van conversion example layouts

Below you will find many example and ideas from other camper van and motor homes. Hopefully these will give you some good ideas also. Example camper van interiors A VW T4 with a stylish black …


Preparation – tools & parts

Sealants Sikaflex – Perhaps the best adhesive/sealant available.  It has a wide range of uses such as fixing windows and roof lights.  It is also great for securing solar panel brackets to van roofs without needing to use screws or bolts, which could lead to leaks.  Sikaflex 221 or 252 are very good.  252 is quicker setting with a harder consistency.


Campervan Conversion Electrics

Split-charge relay – More than 50amps can flow between the engine battery and your leisure battery, so always get a relay that is rated at 50amps or more.   Preferably 75 or 100 amps.  Many …


Insulation and Lining

Insulating and lining your campervan is one of the most important steps to making it a comfortable environment to live and sleep.


Fitting Windows in a Camper Van Conversion

Fitting windows to your camper van conversion is one of the best finishing touches to change it from a van into a campervan. This guide lays out the different options of window type, and how to fit those windows to your van.


Conversion furniture and fittings

Deciding what to put in your camper van conversion is something you should decide from the start. Planning your layout is essential before your start buying or making any interior parts. What you fit to your camper van will be mainly determined by your intended use of the vehicle, the size of the vehicle and your budget.


Professional camper van conversions

There are a number of companies offering professional camper van conversions. These companies are specialists and deliver excellent work. Most will convert any vehicle you provide them, and most will source a new or used base vehicle for you. A lot of these companies also provide parts, and complete kits for your own camper van conversion.


Legal Information, Requirements and Rules for Camper Vans by the DVLA

Update: July 2012 – The DVLA have reverted to their original policy regarding re-registering of campervans.  The vehicle does not need to have graphics on to be re-registered.  A well converted vehicle with windows is likely …


Example Campervan Conversions

When converting your own campervan pictures of other peoples conversions are invaluable .Our

members conversions should provide ideas and inspiration to help you with your own conversion. You can add your own campervan here by  ...


Budget campervan conversions

Want to do a camper van conversion but don’t have a big budget? Campervan conversions don’t have to cost big money.  We’ve probably all seen conversions that have cost thousands of pounds or dollars, but we don’t all want that. It’s quite possible to make a functioning camper van with little, and sometimes, zero money.

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