Rental car Iran

Rent car Iran If you have to travel to Iran a few days can make us a car companies car rental price and the best terms...

Rent car Iran

If you have to travel to Iran a few days can make us a car companies car rental price and the best terms of rennet your pleasure We offer Iran a car like Peugeot, which is a reasonable price and kilometers for you are free.

Car rental Tehran and rental car Imam Khomeini International Airport

If you want to rent a car at all airports in the country is best know for taxes and insurance added cost of you not receive. In the event of damage in stroke rental car or rental car in Tehran and elsewhere in Iran pays insurance costs incurred. It is better to enter Iran with car rental company please contact us and book your car. We also provide cip ika services for you.

Car rental Iran

The company has the largest fleet due to low fares between the car rental companies. Prices for car rental iran station above the price of renting a car in Tehran. So it is better to rent a car in Tehran and of course it is delivered at the airport.

Rental car fuel

Keep in mind that usually rent a car rental company in iran car fuel tank at a time when they are delivered in the same delivery conditions. Consider Best cleaning the vehicle when the vehicle if not delivered to the Company with full cleaning company car costs to get you to proceed.

Special facilities offer car rennet

Tehran one-day tour round. Use residences (Villa) Co., happiness lingering in Tehran and around Tehran and north of the country. Free hotel booking, leisure centers. Contract hire without VAT. Full-party insurance and full hull insurance. Km freestyle and weekly discounts. Special road assistance and free. Free transfer service. Navigation and mobile Internet Recreation and entertainment and travel tools required.

Several car rental companies in Iran slate. Rennet corporate headquarters in Tehran and other provinces for car dealers is permanent and mobile. You can travel in peace in the whole country and to keep your business. When you decide to rent a car you like in the coming days. Through our website or upon request via email to book your car and you have to make a detailed plan.

Mobile dealers and permanent happiness now rennet

Tehran car rentals. Rent a car in Karaj. Rent a car in Rasht. Rent a car in Qazvin. Rent a car in Damavand. Rent a car in north Rent a car in Isfahan. Rent a car in Shiraz. Rent a car in Mashhad Rent a car in Tabriz. Rent a car in Orumiyeh. Rent a car in Zanjan

thank you for choose our company

required documents for rent a car

  1. Pay almost of rent price for all of rent days at the taking time
  2. A passport or a valid identification to trust between us
  3. Pay deposit price ( attention to sheet) deposit payback to you at return time
  4. International drivers license (If necessary, shall be issued by the company)
  5. Photo of your coming and return ticket


1.deliver and take the car in the airport or your hotel

2.Cars have full insurance coverage without additional cost to customers.

3.The company’s services for 24 hours. Delivery fee is 15$ at the airport.

4.You are allowed to travel in the whole country.

5.for each ( 250 km) additional you have to pay one day more.

6.You definitely need to have international license for driving.


instagram: @saadatrent

telegram: @bbking44

ADDRESS : number 22 – pasargad complex – marzdaran Blv – Tehran – Iran

TELEPHONE NO : +989100164970 – +989123488515 – +98214425384

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