Where to visit in Taleqan? [complete list of attraction + map]

Taleqan city Taleghan is a beautiful city located on the slopes of Alborz Mountain in Tehran province. Glaciers, high m...

Taleqan city

Taleghan is a beautiful city located on the slopes of Alborz Mountain in Tehran province. Glaciers, high mountains, and roaring rivers are the most important reasons for traveling to Taleqan. King Alborz Mountain is one of the highlands of this city which is home to animals such as bears, wolves, foxes, hyenas, jackals and Quebec. Taleghan has become one of the most popular short-haul destinations of Tehran because of its close proximity to the capital. if you are looking for a destination near Tehran to spend a day there in its pristine nature, Taleghan in the best option for you. Here you can read more about Taleqan attractions. 

Taleghan city

Where is Taleqan?

Taleghan is located in the Alborz Mountains, 130 kilometers far from the northwest of Tehran in a large valley between these mountains. Taleghan is a region consisting of about 80 mountainous villages and it can be a good destination in your Iran tour. The language of the people in Taleqan is Persian and Tati. The most important river of Taleghan is Taleghan Roud.

Taleqan road route

First, you should drive from Tehran to Hashtgerd, then to Abyek, and 4 km after Abyek you will arrive at Taleghan's exclusive road.  After driving 28 km , you will be in the center of Taleghan

Taleqan attractions

Mountainous weather, green nature, rivers, Springs, Taleghan river dam, , Caves and about 80 small local villages , rich culture are all the Iran tourism attractions that you can find in the Taleqan village. Taleghan is actually a historical and religious valley that is really worth to visit it once.

Taleqan in Tehran

Permanent and seasonal springs in Taleqan

  • There are 399 permanent springs and 57 main springs in Taleghan

Taleghan nature

Hot water springs in Taleqan

  • Hot water springs in the northern village of Dehder
  • Hot water springs of the north of the village of hareng.
  • Hot water springs in the Taleghan Highlands.
  • Hot water springs in the north of Khatcheh village.

Beautiful Taleqan

Waterfalls in Taleqan

  • The collection of famous waterfalls of Taleghan include:
  • The waterfall is the village of Bozjj
  • norno waterfall in the village of jazinan.
  • askan waterfalls
  • White waterfalls in the Shah Alborz.
  • Waterfall at the head of the Bear
  • Mylin waterfall in Mehran village
  • Chorea waterfall in Sohan village
  • Warkesh waterfal in Khachira village                                        

Taleghan in Tehran

Caves in taleghan

  • Zalen Cave in donblid
  • Bazj Cave in Bazj
  • morgh band Cave in Naryan
  • vey Cave in the varkesh

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