The price of renting a car in Iran for tourists

Vehicle price increases and increased car rental in Tehran The price of renting a car in Iran for tourists Car rental m...

Vehicle price increases and increased car rental in Tehran

The price of renting a car in Iran for tourists

Car rental market is hotter than the past 1 year

Despite the annulment of a decision of the Government to increase the price of domestic cars, domestic cars pricing in the new year continues with several uncertainties this year face the ambiguity which is causing the head of the little people and poor management is responsible and is not clear what price to buyers with cars must be supplied. That this is a direct impact on increasing operating car rental and car rental tehran.

To report the news, while Iran Khodro product sales increased with the previous prices and added 500 new rates as insurance and value added tax this month began, the pricing of products of other companies, including PARS Khodro, Saipa, and January is still not set and stop selling these products.

Hence this climb very illogical people put pressure on car rental company car the lingering bliss to you that if you need car rental car through your desired rental car.

Increasing the price of the vehicle

April last year increased average vehicle pricing Committee, with 6 percent of the price of some domestic cars agreed, but after a few days, this Decree was cancelled by the Government, but the same applies to the price increases boosted whispered. According to the legislation Committee for the car pricing the price Iran Khodro and Saipa products of that price increase up to 300000 4500000 for below.

Iran Khodro products in price between the Peugeot 206 is also about a 100 million dollars and the price of the Peugeot 405 is also a 300 million dollars.

This factor even causes an increase in the relative price of cheap car rental of Tehran Karaj and Tabriz. A direct impact of the car rental market market to buy and sell a car.

The price of renting a car without the driver of car 405 as well as daily car rental without driver price 85.000 and the iran Tehran Karaj, Isfahan and is the same as the specified RS 2.200.000. If you need to have the car but the price that makes this inappropriate Ann financially you are shopping for is low you can rent the car. And for travel within the city and also has the right application of the suburban car, of course, this is one of the most excessive demand for foreign tourists and that occupation and occupation Tehran, Iran decided to be included.

Of course, other products are also subject to the price increase between domestic cars that can be used to grow 4.8 million and an increase in the price of a letter and Megan 600 thousand letter price Thunder 90. very increasing irrelevance for this vehicle are considered.

The price increase, while in the final days of last year, the Government ruled out certain guidelines that had been announced by the company on behalf of SAIPA sale was not notified and registered for sale by auto dealers were stopped, but after a while the company increased the price to start selling your products.

The impact of the price of renting a car on foreign relations-Tehran, Iran

All of this increase due to the existence of sanctions and the country's weak economy and poor management authorities. This increase and control solution along with the car rental and make use of this position is that you have your rental car and daily tasks of car.

The Institute of khozaro and the rental formalities lingering bliss

In line with the increasing demand in Iran car rental services, this company is as follows:

_ The delivery of the car in the desired location to customers for free

_ The delivery of the cip ika

 _ without the need to check and document

_ Support and provide repair service and maintenance of car during the whole term of the lease without first receiving the cost

_ The possibility of switching the vehicle during the rental period

_ The delivery of the car with a full body and third-party insurance insurance

_ Telephone and online booking of car

_Delivery and return of the car

_ in all counties

_Released under the terms of the contract special

_ Give props to travel and leisure for clients

_ Car rental with a driver fluent in English and French and Italian

_ Hotel reservations, plane tickets, Spa and leisure centres

_ A few days sightseeing tour in Tehran and the city

_Airport transfer

_ Renting a car with driver and services meetings, party

_ Wedding car rental

_ The 24-hour service and support

_ Airport taxi

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