Tourist tour in Tehran |

Tourist tour in Tehran |

Tourist tour in Tehran, along with the car rental company

Iran tour

If you are a tourist and you want a tour of Tehran in Iran and still don't have a decision going to travel, along with car rental in iran you recommend that this report be sure to read. Because of the tourism areas and adjoining the province you will be met,

With the understanding of Iran's history, you can tour a memorable day for yourself and create a hmsferantan. to do this you can use the company iran car rental tips on renting a car in Tehran and Kish.

Introduction to the spectacular locations along the tour tourism

Resort tour

The southern slopes of Alborz mountain resort that has a reputation. Rent car iran and tourists with a cruise tour of this area enjoy.

East to West here: kolakchal, shervin, Lion, Leopard and Chal resort, speed, all of them overlooking to Tehran.

Car rental in Iran with economic machines with this convenient places to see.

The trap is a small area of Darband  tochal telecabin and ski slope has Chair balabero resort is also only available location for skiing on snow in this area is with a car rental in Tehran will introduce you to the areas.

Kordan village along with the car in Tehran.

The village is also one of the other beautiful villages kerdan and historic area of hashtgerd.

Near the town there is no car rental company.

The village includes a spectacular Tower of the old Dame, Paul kerdan true desert.

Car rental company in Iran these areas to introduce.

Rent a car in Tehran, to introduce you to the brick in the bridge this meant that only two Safavid and part of the arch it remains of course seeing the lush village and with good weather pashand's time to all those who travel to this area,

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