Ushtabin village Iran; historical Steppe village |

Ushtabin village Iran; historical Steppe village |

Ushtabin village in Iran

One of the oldest and most beautiful villages in the Aras is the village of Ushtabin.

About Ushtabin village

The houses are decorated with doors and inscriptions of the marble period of the Safavid era and the fascinating nature of the forest with a variety of fruits, the village is called the village of health.If you are interested in Iranian history, then I suggest you travel to this village by choosing a iran tour.

Ushtabin village map

Ushtabin vallage map

Ushtabin village history

Ushtabin has an ancient historical background and the existence of Tati dialect in Sub-villages of Ushtabin shows its brilliant historical background.

which dynasty is this village belongs to?

The Steppe village of Ushtabin is related to the Safavid period. The beautiful and green nature of this village depicts paradise. Village houses also have a very beautiful architecture.

Ushtabin iran route map

Ushtabin village inscriptions

There are now several inscriptions on the Sols line related to the time of Shah Tahmasb and Shah Abbas Safavi in this village, There are also inscriptions in the old cemetery.

Among other historical monuments in this village, one can mention a number of stone doors in rural houses, one of which is related to the reign of Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh.

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Ushtabin village history

Ushtabin village people

This village is one of the few villages in the province of East Azarbaijan, which holds dozens of books and historical works, including the Naderi history book among the villagers. Interestingly enough, the people of this village are particularly sensitive to the preservation of works by their artists in the village and try to keep these works in their place.

ushtabin village people

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Ushtabin village information

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