Zarivar lagoon; a golden lake in Marivan city

Zarivar lagoon in Marivan city About Zarivar lagoon

Zarivar lagoon in Marivan city

About Zarivar lagoon

Zarivar lagoon (Kurdish: Zarybar) is located 3 km west of Marivan city in Iran's Kurdistan province and it is one of the iran tourist attractions.

Zarivar lagoon main information

The water of the lagoon is sweet and comes from a number of springs and rain. In most winters, the lake is completely frozen. The length of the Zarivar Lake is about 5 km and its width is about 1.6 km.

Zarivar lagoon map

zarivar lagoon map

Zarivar lagoon ecosystem

Zarivar lagoon as an ecological unit and a water ecosystem in Kurdistan is a very beautiful and rare phenomenon.

Zarivar lagoon surrounding

Zarivar is surrounded by a relatively large length of valley on both sides of the west and east with forest covered mountains. The dominant landscapes in this area are forests and thickets of semi-massive forests, the dominant species of which is the Iranian oak, while other forest species such as wild pears, hawthorns, almonds on the slopes and its different points of view.

zarivar lagoon pictures

Zarivar laggoon Vegetation

From the vegetation cover of the lake, floating plants such as ceratophilium, seriofilium and species of barbed plants can be found from marginal plants such as strawberry, thistle, blueberries, lotus, meadow grass, lucerne, lucerne, giza, marmalade and mint.

tehran to zarivar lagoon

Zarivar lagoon Aquatic

Indigenous species: Capoeta trutta, Barred sickle fish, Gambiozia fish (currently not found in the lake) Non-native species: grass carp, Common carp, Hypophthalmictchthys Nobilis, and Silver carp. Meanwhile, one species of eel, five species of phytoplankton and 17 species of zooplankton have been identified.


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