Mahyaveh or Mahve one of iran tourist attractions |

Mahyaveh or Mahve one of iran tourist attractions |

Have you ever tasted Mahveh?

Mahveh is from the cities of Jahrom, Ghorash, Larestan, Bastak, Khenj the southern part of Iran and Hormozgan iran.

hormozgan island

About Mahveh

This food is in fact a kind of sauce that owes its color to the red soil of this region, especially the island of Hormuz. Hormuz island is one of iran tourism places with special soil and eatable mountain!

How people make Mahveh?

The people of the south make this sauce in a way that it is dried Moto fish (in a sardine type), in the sun, then powdered, and after cleaning the fish powder, a little red soil (for color and Its useful salts), turmeric, pepper, coriander, and mustard mixed together then thrown in water. Salt and pepper seasoned this sauce. The sauce is poured into large crock and placed in the yard and under the sun for a month to slowly lose its excess water.

Mahveh different recipes

Sometimes they mingle it to make the sauce better. In some areas, use orange sliced skin and roasted mustard (for the aroma of sauce), which adds a little flavor to it. The people of the south use the oil and water of this sauce on their tan breads, such as Mousheh or Timushi.

Making Mahveh in south of Iran

How to keep Mahveh

They put Mahyaveh in a bowl in the table and they only wet a part of the bread with it, its taste is sharp and you cannot eat too much. Particularly in the morning it is used instead of cheese. It is famous for the Mahveh and the oily bread made in these areas.

Mahveh Benefits

Mahveh in Iran

Who made Mahveh for the first time?

Mahveh has a lot of phosphorus and calcium and fat, all of which is obtained from fish. The people of the southern region say that the Mahveh formula (Mahveh) has been made by Ibn Sina, a physician and an Iranian scientist, or, according to Bozorgmehr, the Minister of the Anoushirvan, and they believe that eating Mahwah with mustard also prevents some skin disease.

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