Shiraz; the remains of the glorious Achaemenid dynasty

Shiraz is a city of mystery, and in the spring and May, it literally means a paradise filled with perfume in every breat...

Where is Shiraz?

Shiraz is a city of mystery, and in the spring and May, it literally means a paradise filled with perfume in every breath of yours. Shiraz is a city of poetry, and at every step it is the complexity of the poetry of Hafez and Saadi.

Some truth about Shiraz

  • The name of Shiraz has been documented in historical books called "Tirizis", "Shirazis" and "Shiraz".
  • Tajikistan's Dushanbe, Nicosia, Chongqing and Weimar are siblings from Shiraz.
  • Shiraz was at different levels in the capital of the governorates of Al Boyah, Atabokan Fars, Al-Injou and Al-Muzaffar and Zandiyan. During the Achaemenid period, Persepolis and Pasargad, located near the present Shiraz, were the capital of the government.
  • According to what has been narrated in myths and traditional narratives, the name of Shiraz is derived from the name of the third son of Jahanshah, Tahmurth.
  • Shiraz is famous for poetry, garden, flower and nightingale.
  • From the past, "garden" has been a special place in the Iranian culture, and Shiraz has been renowned for its many beautiful gardens. Today, most of these gardens are located in the northwest of the countryThe most famous gardens in Shiraz are Eram garden, Afifabad Garden, Delgosha Garden and Jahanna.Garden

Shiraz weather

Shiraz is located in the central area of Fars province and has a different climate than other parts of Fars province.

Spring: A cool air with spring winds and rain, the average temperature in April is 17 ° C.

Summer: In this warm and dry air season, the average temperature in July is 30 ° C.

Autumn: The climate is relatively cool with rainfall and the average temperature is 20 ° C in October.

Winters: Relatively moderate air with rainfall reaching 5 ° C in January.

Shiraz International Airport

The airport has flights to the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah), Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan.

Domestic flights from Dasheghib airport include Shiraz to Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Abadan, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, Sari, Larestan, Lamard, Chabahar, Kerman, Kish, Lavan, Qeshm, Siri, Mahshahr, Kharg Island, Assaluyeh, Bahregan And Rasht.

Shiraz historical attractions

Shiraz is one of the oldest cities in Iran and it can be considered one of the most popular tourist cities in Iran. Shiraz is full of historical, natural and literary attractions, and for every tastes it has something for entertainment.

Darvazeh Qur'an in Shiraz

a picture of shiraz attractions

If you arrive from Shiraz from Isfahan, there is a big vault at the entrance to the city, where cars should pass through it. This interesting building is famous for the Quran's gates, and the reason for this name is the Qur'an which is placed in the upper chamber for the passengers and guests of Shiraz pass safely.

Arg Karim Khan

Arg karim Khan in Shiraz at night

One of the most interesting and fascinating attractions of Shiraz is the Karim Khani Arg, which was built in the era of Zandieh with the best materials and the best architects of the evening.

Shiraz Bazaar Vakil

Vakil bazaar in shiraz

Among all the built-in monuments, an unparalleled collection of Vakil, is such as diamonds, shone.

Naghsh e Rostam

Naqsh-e rostam of Shiraz

If we are about six and a half miles away from Persepolis, our eyes will fall into another ancient site called Naghshe e Rustam, which has been considered around 1200 BC to 625 AD.

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