Tehran; the combination of traditional and modern life

We are going to talk about the capital of Iran. Tehran is a city where you can understand the meaning of the combination...

Tehran, the capital of Iran

Tehran is the capital of Iran and also the capital of Tehran province. Its population is about 8 million and it is the 25th most populated city in the world.

Where is Tehran?

Most people who travel to Tehran, consider this city as a point to travel to other cities of Iran. we suggest you do not lose your chance to explore in Tehran and its historical attractions.

Tehran attractions

The most important places in Tehran are:

Milad Tower

Milad tower in Tehran

Milad Tower is the name of a multipurpose telecommunication tower located in the northwestern part of Tehran, between a hill with an approximate area of 14 hectares located south of Shahrak-e-qarb and north of Kooy-Nasr district in Tehran's 2nd district.

Tehran Museums

Golestan palace museum in Tehran

glass and pottery specialist museum. The collection was up to 1330 at Qawamal Saltanah's home and office, and then at the Egyptian Embassy for seven years.

Tabiat bridge in Tehran


It is one of the oldest shopping centers in Shemiran and still has its old texture.

Golestan palace

Golestan palace in Tehran

The Golestan Palace is one of the most beautiful and oldest historical collections in Tehran, a masterpiece leftover from the Qajar period and a combination of beautiful Iranian art and an inspirational architecture of the West.

Palace of Sa'ad Abad Museum

one of saad abad palace rooms

The Sa'd Abad complex is located in Darband valley. This complex of mansions and palaces was built during the Qajar period. It has undergone two historical periods of the first and second Pahlavi.

masoudieh palace and its garden

Khanate Caravanserai, Tehran


Masoudieh Palace, Tehran


Masoudieh palace in Tehran


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