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The idea for backpacking in Iran (2022)

Iran is a historical land full of charm. You can use backpacking for your trip to this country instead of normal traveling.

As we mentioned before, Iran is a historical and attractive country. You can use a car to travel to this country. The car rental in Iran helps you to enjoy every place in this country. You can travel to Iran in a backpack. It's so fun and easy. So, we are going to check the best ideas for backpacking in Iran. After all, you can choose the best way for traveling to this country and enjoy your perfect trip.


What is backpacking?

At first, we should know about the meaning of backpacking. Backpacking means traveling independently, most of the time international and inexpensive and low budget way for a good trip.

You can start your travel, just with a bag and low money, and visit every place that you think is the best place for your trip.


The idea of backpacking!

  • Arrival

You can travel by land from Turkey to Iran. But if you live in European countries, you must first travel to Iran by plane and then you can continue your journey by land. You can use Immam Khomeyni airport or you can for your fly.

  • Hotels and accommodation

As you know, Iran has lots of attractions. You check Iran attractions to know which city and which place you want to visit. After that, you can check the cheapest hotels or hostels for yourself.

Iranian people are so hospitable. Some of them make you live with them during your vacation. In this situation, you don't need any hotel to stay in and you can stay with that family.

In every city of Iran, we have this work. So, don't use lots of money for your hotel.

  • Currency

The currency of Iran is Riyal and Toman. You should spend your money on this type. When you use backpacking, it means that you shouldn't spend too much money on your travel.  So, take care, and don't spend too much.

As mentioned above, you can travel by land. But if you have a long way to go, you can travel by plane and then go to your desired destination by renting a car or public transport. You do not have to spend a lot to stay in a hotel. You can stay in clean but cheap accommodation. You can also stay in the houses of people in different cities for a short time.


What is the point of backpacking?

Backpacking has some points for you:

  • You can see the world

You can visit every place with a limited budget and enjoy everything.

  • You learn to be flexible

Backpackers live day to day basically, they don’t have a strict timetable. You learn how to live with other people and how to be in a place that maybe it's not suitable for you.

  • Finding new friends

In backpack traveling, you meet new people. After that, you will find new friends for your life with a different religion and different color. This is one of the best points of backpack traveling. You can use Iran tour packages and start your trip.


What is the difference between backpacking and regular travel?

Travel is naturally relatively expensive, but backpacking is not that expensive. People who travel normally may stay in such hotels and visit certain places. But backpackers are among the people and do not choose so many hotels for their trip.


How do you travel as a backpacker?

  • Don’t pack too much
  • Be mindful of your health
  • Stay in hostels with free breakfasts
  • Travel with a group to split costs
  • Pack a quality tent
  • Bring a microfiber towel
  • Carry a water bottle, always

We have more options for backpack traveling. But these are the important ones. Before travel, remember to check the visa and the place information that you want to visit. Eat like locals and save your money.


So, back your things and start backpack traveling. Save more money and enjoy more. You can rent a car and skip transportations for saving your time.

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