Driving in Iran | Iran driving Rules for tourists and Women

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driving in Iran; all you need to know

Driving in Iran is an article that we want to talk about one of the most important issues you may worry about when you want to use the car rental in Iran services. probably you heard many things about driving in Iran. And I am pretty sure most of them weren’t good things. 

There are many people and tourists that you can meet that have had the experience of traveling to Iran and explores its cities, even if they didn't drive by their own, "Crazy" may be the word that they choose to describe driving in Iran, especially the traffic in its big cities.

Saadat rent is here to talk genuinely about every aspect of driving in Iran. if you are one of those people who want to use the car rental in Iran services but heard many things and stories about crazy driving in Iran. Then you may doubt your decision, you better read this article and don’t miss this article at all!

How is driving in Iran?

Precisely like you drive in your country or other countries in Iran, we can claim that driving in Iran needs some particular skill to cope with different habits that people have in their driving in Iran.

Driving in Iran

So, you don’t need to worry, because driving in Iran isn’t different from your origin country, you need only to be more patient and way more careful because some of the Iranian drivers may ignore the traffic rules

Driving rules in Iran

Driving rules in Iran are according to the international driving rules that are common in all countries. For driving in Iran, there are no special driving rules in Iran that you think they may be specific about driving in Iran. You only need to be more patient and careful when while driving in Iran because some of the local drivers may ignore traffic rules.

driving in iran streets

In this case, we made a checklist of the main road traffic rules in Iran. You may know some of these driving rules in Iran, but as a reminder, we are going to mention them as important points about driving in Iran.

  • In Iran, you should drive on the right side of the road; therefore, you suppose to overtake from the left.
  • The minimum age for driving in Iran is 18 years old.
  • As one of the critical driving laws in Iran, the driver should wear the seatbelt in intercity streets and highways. For driving in the roads between the cities of Iran, all the car occupants must wear a seatbelt.
  • As you should know, you can’t talk to your phone while you are driving in Iran.

The driving rules in Iran you must observe

iranian traffic police

Iran is an Islamic country, and some driving rules in Iran follow up more stringent. If you want to know what are there driving laws, don’t miss this checklist.

  • If you are driving in Iran, you should be aware that the legal blood alcohol level is 0.0% and Iranian police are stringent about this issue. Iranian police have the right to test you as the driver and also other car occupants that if you are under the influence of alcohol and drugs or not.

Can women drive in Iran?

In Iran, women can drive too. Some women taxi drivers are only available for women passengers. The subject that you should be careful about is, any women in the car, whether they are driving in Iran or sitting on the other seats, should wear their hijab. 

women driving in iran

Iran roads and streets

Most of the roads between the cities of Iran are in good condition and inside the cities, you can go to any spot of the city by driving in Iran through highways and streets.

Driving in Iran roads

Car rental in Iran; a chance to Iran by driving in Iran

Eventually, if we want to answer this question, with all of the issues that we talked about, traveling in Iran with the car is the best way to visit this country. Driving in Iran can be the best option for you if you think you are a really careful and skilled driver and want to experience a solo journey and explore everywhere on your own. 

Driving in the roads​​​​

As you may know, it will be really expensive to travel to Iran in your car, but Saadat rent is here for you to provide the best car rental services with suitable prices and full CDW insurance to make an unforgettable experience for you while your travel.

Iran roads

if you choose driving in Iran, it is one of the roads you can drive through ;)

But if don't see this as a good choice yet, we suggest you instead of driving in Iran on your own, think about car rental in Iran with the driver. you can visit all the cities and the attractions between the roads and also there is a skilled driver that can take you everywhere easily and bring peace of mind to you during your travel to Iran. these drivers also are the best guides for taking you to the best places and neighborhoods of each city. 

Speed limits in Iran highways

Traffic signs announce the maximum speed on different streets and highways in Iran. We should mention that there are no limitless roads in Iran.

Maximum speed:

  • Suburban highways: 80 Km/H
  • Intercity freeways: 110-120 Km/H
  • Intercity roads: 80-90 Km/H

Traffic plan Map in Tehran

There are limitations on entering some areas of Tehran, especially the central parts of the city. This limitation schedule is:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: from 6:30 - 19
  • Thursday: from 6:30 - 14
  • Friday: Free!

Contact us for more information If you want to commute in these parts of Tehran to buy a traffic permit for you. It allows you driving in Iran in these areas in banned hours. The price of these permits is 360,000 IRR.

Contact us for more information via

Driving license in Iran

Driving in Iran is possible with an international driving license. Besides that, you can drive in Iran with the driving licenses of your country for six months. We suggest you bring the translation of your driving license in Iran because if you have an accident, the police can fine you for that.


Price of  Carnet de Passage in Iran [2020]

carnet de passage is like a passport but for your car and it comes with aprice. to calculate the carnet de passage for any country, all you need to do is find the country's band number and the price of the car.

for example, Iran’s band number is 5. 

so the deposit will be: 5*( the price of your car)

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