Miniature; the art of intellect and thought |

Miniature; the art of intellect and thought |

Iranian miniature painting

Miniature painting is one of the arts that has the ability to portray all nature in small shapes.

miniature in Iran

The Iranian Miniature Historical Course dates back to the time of the advent of Islam, but it can be said that when Iranians were able to enter the court of the Abbasids in the 3rd century AH, Iranian painting reoccupied after a period of stagnation.

a miniature painting of birds and plants

miniature painting history

Of course, some believe that there was also a Miniature art before Islam, and became more blurred in the later periods.

Skill in miniature painting

The miniature painting practices in Iran are very diverse. Each of the renowned miniature painters has made changes to the methods and practices that were prevalent.

Iran miniature painting masters

The miniature artist is an artist who visualizes what he thinks or thinks that the viewer is interested in seeing it, and is in no way subject to the rules and regulations governing painting space.The great miniature painters include Reza Abbasi, which relates to the Safavid period. "Sultan Muhammad" and "Mirza Ali" are among the first-level painters. "Mahmoud Farshchian" and "Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri" are among the prominent artists in the new artistic arts.

a beautiful miniature painting

There are two types of colors in the miniature

colors in miniature

1.Spiritual colors, which are usually made with delicate fine artwork, reflect the artist's diligent and human emotions, and moreover, they are used to visualize the inner states and express the feelings that are rooted in the purity of human nature.

2.Other types of colors used in making miniatures are physical colors. This type of color, which is more concentrated and more stable, is used to make active boards, and it reflects those features that are in contradiction with subtle human feelings.

miniature painting elements

The allegorical designs of birds and animals, along with the designs of branches, flowers, leaves, and slavic  form an important part of the miniature.

miniature art



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