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Persian food tours By traveling to Iran, you will find a wide range of delicious delights, amongst the names of kebabs,...

Persian food tours

By traveling to Iran, you will find a wide range of delicious delights, amongst the names of kebabs, cuisine and delicious cuisines from many throughout Iran, such as caviar, pickling, northern smoked fish, samosa, falafel, shrimp, porridges. And ice cream saffron and rose water will flash you.

Cooking Persian food

These foods will be more appealing if you shop at the traditional market and then cook with your own hands.

About Persian Food Tours

If you like this delicious experience, be sure to visit the persianfoodtours.com and have an unrivaled experience at a cost of 50€ to 70€.

Persian food tours

The variety of Iranian cuisine

Just look at the map and the vast geography of the country, you will find out where the origin of this unique diversity is! There are several different climates on the variety of Iranian cuisine.

Why Iranian food in so various?

In addition, the Achaemenid Empire and Persian Empire embraced the entire region of Iran and its neighboring countries, and landed in later times and in various wars. As well as the great and important way of silk from inside Iran, many other countries passed through Iran. All of these issues together have made Iranian cuisine to produce a rich and unique food culture while influencing other cultures.

cooking persian food

The tourists experiences about Persian food tours

These are the words of Louisa Shafia, an American chef and owner of an Iranian restaurant in Manhattan, New York. He recently published a book titled The New Persian Kitchen

The list of Iranian food you will learn on this tour

In the following, one of the most famous Iranian cuisines in terms of this chef:

Iranian food on the table

Khoreshte Fesenjan

Fesenjan is a symbolic and integral part of Iranian cuisine in brides and parties, which is an excellent blend of pomegranate and chicken or duck

Khoreshte Bademjan

The cream of red and golden eggplant, cooked with tomatoes and turmeric, is one of the most popular Iranian cuisine.

Baghali Polo

In the Iranian food culture, you often cook rice with butter and saffron, which in this case is called cheloe. But sometimes they buy rice with other ingredients that they call the name poloe. If you order a container from Baghali Polo, the green color will show off before anything.

Morasae Polo

Morasae Polo, as its name implies, is a polo, adorned with colorful and sweet jewelry. The food has a sweet taste, in which native Iranian ingredients can be found, including pistachios, almond, Orange jam, barberry, carrots and saffron.


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