Gabe; eye catching creativity in Iranian handicrafts

gabe; eye catching creativity in iranian handicrafts

About the Iranian handicraft; Gabe

In the articles on Iran tourism, this time we went to Gabe art. Art to the extent of Iranian women’s dream.

About Gabe

Gabe is an Iranian carpet made that is usually woven in small sizes by the tribes of Lor and Qashqai also Gabe is woven in different provinces of Iran such as Bushehr. Gabe is another type of carpet that has a long pile. These piles sometimes reach a centimeter Which has a great impact on their smoothness. Early in Gabe, they were woven plain and without a map.

What are Gabe's plans?

The weavers were often inspired by the surrounding nature and used their mental designs on this. Sometimes his wishes are displayed on this. Like the role of a tent, which may mean a fixed home, or the role of man as a family and other roles, each with its symbol. Gabbe has handcrafts with authenticity and the paintings used in it make it different from other handcrafts.

The important feature of Gabe

The important feature of Gabe is its design and execution, which the weaver uses to create a different role on his woven using his own emotions and imagination, with complete and unconstrained freedom.

Where you can find Gabe in Iran?

The main centers of Gabe tissue are nomadic and rural areas of the provinces of Fars, Kohgeloye and Boyer Ahmad, Bushehr, and Khuzestan. The city of Shiraz has been registered as the city of Gabe in Global registration.

Gabe plans in international brands

French brand Givenchy uses the Iranian goblet for dresses in Paris Fashion Week in 2015. Riccardo Tisci, the senior designer at Givenchy, has used the role of Iranian Gabe in his designs.


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