Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

If we ignore the myths narrators, Kalut Shahdad desert is a natural occurrence which its scientific name is Yardang that recently is becoming more popular in iran tourism. The erosion of air and water has created such this amazing structures over the years.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

About Kalut Shahdad desert

Kalut Shahdad desert; an inhabited city

Cities are alive by their own inhabitants, but Kalut Shahdad desert is a city that has taken all its reputation from solitude and isolation, and that’s why people call this desert, the ghost city. In the first steps that you take on Kalut Shahdad desert, it's impossible to believe that these huge rocks are not built up by humans.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

In Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman, every season brings a new face to the big rocks. The wind and rain flowing from the city of Kaluts change these structures.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

In all areas of Kalut Shahdad desert, not even a simple plant grow. The dryness and poor soil and other factors cannot be the reason for this issue, because the soils of the surrounding villages are same as Kalut Shahdad desert.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

The only reason for this is the severe winds that spill over the desert throughout the year and can pull everything out of the soil.

The mythical city of Kalut Shahdad

Historians and archaeologists believe that Kalut Shahdad desert was a historic urban remnant that has had a legacy from the second and third millennium BC.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

Some researchers, based on archeological findings, believe this city has been destroyed by large storms, with mud, salt, and desert plaster, and even the remains of those miles have been displaced.

Is Kalut Shahdad desert the hottest spot of the earth?

Professor Parviz Kordvani, a biographer and professor at Tehran University, describes the Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman as one of the most beautiful deserts in the world and considers it as the warmest point in the world. In 2005, NASA also measured the air temperature in this area at around 70.7 degrees Celsius.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

Of course, this theory has not been recorded anywhere, and once the Arizona Desert is known as the warmest point at 63 ° C, while the temperature of Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman is more.

When is the best season to travel to Kalut Shahdad desert?

Like many desert areas, the best season to travel to Kalut Shahdad desert as an iran ecotourism destination, is autumn so you can have a relaxing and comfortable journey, and be safe from the heat.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

What to do in Kalut Shahdad desert?

If you choose Kalut Shahdad desert as your iran tourism destination, we make a list of entertainment and activities you can do in this desert:

Safari and between the Kaluts

If you like safari and this type of recreation, you can also experience it in Kalut Shahdad desert.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

If you use car hire iran for reaching to Kalut Shahdad desert but you do not have the offroad car, do not worry. Kalut Shahdad desert camp rent you these cars with the driver guide. Also, they host various safari tour as iran tours that you can experience.

Price: 4,000,000 IRR for 2 to 3 hours’ excursion with off-road cars

Riding camels

Riding camels in different deserts are one of the activities that everybody wants to experience it.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

Kalut Shahdad desert camp gives you this opportunity for hours with a guide.

Price: 300,000 IRR for small groups, about 2 hours with a guide

Driving four-wheel motors

One of the vehicles that you can drive in Kalut Shahdad desert is four-wheel motors or the ATV.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

You can enjoy driving between the hills and highs of the desert for one hour.

Price: 2,000,000 IRR for one hour

Kalut Shahdad desert facilities

Near Kalut Shahdad desert, Shahdad Desert Camp has been created to provide travelers the facilities they may need. This camp is the only desert camp in Lut desert and is constructed in North-South direction between several Kaluts so that winds and sandstorms won't damage it.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

Shahdad camp has access to amenities such as toilets, parking lots, 40 arches that are built with natural materials for staying at night, desert tours and other entertainments.

Where to stay in Kalut Shahdad desert?

If you decide to travel to Kalut Shahdad desert and want to stay one night in this wonderful desert. You have some options:

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

  • You can camp around the Kalut Shahdad desert. Just be sure to have the necessary equipment.
  • You can stay in local resorts in Shahdad city and Shafi Abad village. Gandom Berian eco-lodge and Kalut eco-lodge and Kalut camp are the best choices for you. The prices for staying in these Ecolodges is from 700,000 IRR to the top.
  • If you want to stay in a more luxurious place, you can book a hotel in Kerman.

Do not forget Kalut Shahdad desert entrance permission!

Kalut Shahdad desert has been divided into three parts: green, yellow and red, and tourists can easily cross the green zone, but the other two regions need to be licensed and coordinated with related organizations.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

Do not forget that entering these areas is very dangerous without local guides and obtaining the necessary permits and you may get lost in the vastness of the desert so as iran travel tips from us, stay in the green zone and enjoy all the recreations that are provided for you.

The access path to Kalut Shahdad desert

Address: Shahdad – Kerman province – Iran

To reach the Kalut Shahdad desert, you should go from Kerman to Kerman-Bam road and continue your journey along the Sirch path. After about 35 km, you will reach Sirch.

Kalut Shahdad desert in Kerman

Go to Shahdad road after reaching Sirch. After a few kilometers to the Shahdad and Golbaf two-way road. From there, you can easily go to the Kalut Shahdad desert. The road to the Sirch is a safe highway, but after that, a mountain road is expecting you.


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