Kish's Ayani House

Kish's Ayani House

Kish Island is Iran tourism places with a small amount of attractions, so each year it hosts many tourists traveling to Kish Island

In this article, we are going to tell you a story about one of the most beautiful tourist attractions on Kish Island, Kish's Ayani House is one of the most beautiful and oldest attractions. Kish Island is a city full of many tourist attractions, but Ayani House is one of the most visited ones.

History of Ayani house

Kish Island is an Iran tourist place with a small number of attractions, so each year it hosts many tourists traveling to Kish Island. One of the oldest attractions is Kish's Ayani House, about 10 km from the city center. Kish's Ayani House, Although it is part of the old part of the island of Kish, the remains of this place are back to the rule of the Ilkhans, and have a long history. Kish's Ayani House is one of the collections in Kish's Harare city, which represents several old houses owned by the Iranian, Kashan, and Yazd lands.

Kish's Ayani House and Kish's Harare city are located on the northern coast of Kish Island. The star-shaped tiles in these houses, like the tiles used during the times of the pilgrims in the construction of monuments, are said to be the reason why these homes belong to rich and important people, and the reason for the name of this The same is true of the house as a House of Lords. Star tiles were imported at that time and entered the country through Kish Island. The same thing shows that this mansion belongs to one of the richest people in kish.

Ayani house

From different parts of Kish's Ayani House, guests can visit the house, the kitchen, the porch, and the house of the women's home. Every part of this house has a world of talk and memory, which is why it has a lot of fans. Interestingly, according to the results of archaeological excavations carried out today in the ancient fortress of Harare, it is said that the coastal complex is composed of Kish's Ayani House, baths, mosques, and old qanats.

The graves and ruins of the old town of Harire are about 120 hectares and are considered to be a major city in the region. The rooms and ceilings and the overall coverage of the Kish Lighthouse are almost gone, and only a fraction of its stone vaults remain. This complex is set right by the sea and has a different architecture. Kish's Ayani House is a collection of horizontal and vertical canals, wells located in the corners of the house. Kish's Ayani House is a very interesting and rare collection whose performance is still unclear. After studying this beautiful and historic site, archaeologists concluded that it was constructed for fishing activities and easy access to the sea, perhaps the other reason for constructing Kish's Ayani House was to create a canal To flee the city's invasion.

Ayani house

different parts of Ayani house

Ayani house includes a bathhouse with various courtyards. The building has sections including Burning House, Warm House, and Bathroom (bath furnace). The Bath House is located in the southern part of the building and It is separated from the aisles through the corridors. There are two small, large chambers in the south of the house, which forms the last part of the building. Archaeologists say that this bathroom is one of the most unique and oldest Iranian baths discovered by archaeologists. It has been built in two different periods, the Ilkhani and the Timurid, This has led the collection to be of great value to archaeologists and historians. Choose one of the best Iran tours and enjoy and enjoy watching it.

It's interesting to know that this bathroom, due to its special design, seems to have been private, but this bathroom is a public bathroom that most natives use in the area. Travelers who visit Iran's beautiful country and are interested in historic sites can visit this beautiful home. The Kish's Ayani House is a bit distant from the city center, but Kish tourists can easily get there by renting a car to visit this beautiful home.

More information about  kish Ayani house:

Address: Kish Island-Iran

Access time: 9-18

closure time: -

Cost for foreign nationals: 200,000 IRR

Suggested visit time: about 1 hour

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions:  Kish's Harire city

Best time to visit: spring-autumn


Access to vehicles: 




Parking lot:


Network coverage: 





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