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Persian food tour in Tehran food and culinary are considered as one of the biggest parts of a country's culture. Ir...

Persian food tour in Tehran

food and culinary are considered as one of the biggest parts of a country's culture. Iran as a four season country, with a vast variety of weather and culture, its cities has different local food. Persian food tours can be a great way for people who love cooking or food to learn cooking delicious Iranian food. Here with Persian food tours you will experience shopping organic material, fruits and vegetables in the early morning  from local bazaars and cooking delicious Iranian local food and dessert by your own in a group of friends. Here read more about Persian food tours.

Their story in Iran food tour

We are Matin and Shirin, one a Graphic designer and travel blogger at and the other a professional chef and cooking teacher at Shirin’s kitchen. One with a lust for travel and the other a passionate foodie, we’ve joined our love and experience for travel and Persian food to develop the first professional food tour and cooking class with Saadat rent help (car rental in Iran) for tourists in bustling Tehran.

Iranian food tours

We have both spent a great part of our lives abroad, studied art and design and love mingling with people from different backgrounds. We are extroverts, make friends in seconds, pay attention to details and absolutely love what we do.

More about our Iran food tour​s

Due to Persia’s geographical location and the many invasions and conquests of the mighty Persian empire, today’s Persian cuisine is enriched with tastes and flavors of Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Caucasian, Turkish, Indian, Greek and Arabic gastronomy

Iranian food tours in Tehran

​Our Persian food tours are a half day adventure, making it perfect to add to even the tightest schedules in Tehran. We’ll meet at Tajrish and start with a walking tour of Tajrish bazaar where we’ll introduce our guests to exceptional ingredients and spices unique to this part of the world while we experience shopping for a few fresh ingredients like the locals. Then we’ll head over to the kitchen where Shirin will show us her magic in creating the most delectable Persian dishes. After a small introduction we’ll get ready to start cooking a 5 course meal adjusted to the season and enriched with the freshest ingredients. We’re here to make sure every single dish is garnished to perfection.

Once the wafting aroma of the delicious meal dissipates the kitchen, we’ll set the table and gather for a huge Persian feast as we chat and exchange experiences. 


  • Please make sure you book at least 2 weeks prior to the date
  • If you’re alone, let group. However if we’re unable, we might be unfortunate to cancel your tour
  • We do not ask for prepayments for bookings, so we are putting our trust in your words. Please let us know if you’ve decided to cancel for any reason as soon as possible
  • Tour fee is to be paid in cash once we arrive at the kitchen. We’d be grateful if you don’t leave it for last minute. We accept Euros, USD or the equivalent in Iranian Rials
  • Whether your a vegetarian or have any sort of food restrictions or allergies, please make sure you let us know in advance so we can adjust things to your needs
  • All written recipes we’ll be given for you to try back home
  • All Tours and classes are conducted in English. However if you’re a large group, we can arrange for a translator upon an extra fee in any language required


  • Cost: 80€ - per person (prices are reduced once the group is bigger than 5)
  • Intimate groups of 2-10
  • Tours start at 9.30 am and finish at 3:30 pm


  • Transportation from the kitchen to your accommodation


  • Guided culinary walk of Tajrish bazaar
  • Transportation to the kitchen 
  • All ingredients 
  • Additional side dishes and Persian brewed tea
  • Written recipes of dishes made in class


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