Religion in Iran |

Religion in Iran |

Religion in Iran

Nowadays, there is no country which all its people are of a race and ethnicity, speak one language and follow a religion. In most countries, there is a majority that has a common history, culture, language, and religion.

There are also smaller groups that have their own ethnic and religious characteristics and are called minorities.

What is the main religion in Iran?

The official religion in Iran is Islam. About 95-90% of Iranians are Shia Muslims and 10-5% of them are Sunni Muslims. 0.3% of Iran people are followers of other religions.

religious minorities recognized only three other religions: Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians.

religion in iran

But in the case of the Baha'i sects, since the Baha'is are not part of divine religions, the Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize them as a religion in Iran, although they are the largest religious group in Iran

islam Islam

With the Arab invasion of Iran, most of Iranians change their religion to Islam. In Safavid dynasty, Shia Islam became the official religion of Iran till today. From that era many mosques with incredible Iranian architecture were built around Iran that become one of them most important attractions in iran tourism.

religion in iran

Muslims believe that God sent the Quran to prophet Mohammed through an angel called Gabriel. According to their beliefs, many prophets have sent a revelation and Muhammad is the last one and also believe that Islam is the most complete and last divine religion.

What is the difference between Shia and Sunni?

Shia and Sunnis are same in principles of Islam and the main beliefs of this religion. Also, the Qur'an and the culture and legacy of the Prophet, prayer, fasting and pilgrimage are same in these two main branches of the Islamic religion in Iran. The difference between these two sects of Islam is based on the details and principle of the Imamate and succession of the Prophet, and they are spontaneous in some religious rulings.

Christian Christians

Christianity spread to the end of the sixth century in different regions such as Isfahan, Yazd, Tehran, Shiraz and Mashhad. Groups of Persian Christians were created and developed several years ago after the Bible translation.

religion in iran

These Christian groups, which were generally Protestant, began to build churches in various cities of Iran and some of them become really famous in iran travel tours. With the advent of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, any propaganda activities of Christians were declared illegal. Two-thirds of the Christians are Iranians of Armenian origin and one third Assyrian.

zoroastrian Zoroastrians

Before the Sassanid dynasty was exterminated by the Muslims, the official religion in Iran was the Zoroastrian. This ritual, as its name suggests, is attributed to a person who has named Zoroaster

religion in iran

According to the themes of the Avesta, the highest power of the universe is "Ahura Mazda". In Zoroastrianism, as a religion in iran, there are three practical principles: good speech, good sense, good deeds. Respect for the fire as one of the glorious manifestations of keeping it and performing a special ceremony around it in the fire temple led by the priests, is the most distinctive feature of this religion.

jews Jews

The Iranian Jews are from ancient tribes who settled in Iran and became familiar with Iranian culture. Because of the salvation of the people of Israel by Cyrus the king of Iran from the captivity of Babylon, Cyrus has been respected in Torah. The tombs of the sacred Jews are located in the cities of Susa, Hamadan and Tuyserkan.

religion in iran

The religious beliefs of Iranian Jews are not significantly different from other Jews and they are free to perform religious ceremonies and they have been granted civil rights in Iran's constitution and have one representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. And reside in many Iranian cities such as Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd, Hamedan and Tehran, and are engaged in commercial and economic activities.

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