Sepid Kooh; a Protected Area of Lorestan Mountain |

Sepid Kooh; a Protected Area of Lorestan Mountain |

Where is Sepid Kooh?

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About Sepid Kooh

The Sepid Kooh Mountain protected area is located in the Zagros Mountains ,Lorestan Iran, 67 km northwest of Khoramabad. Abundant rivers and waterfalls, numerous caves and plant and animal biodiversity, and rocky and beautiful rocks, lush green oak trees with jagged trees are natural attractions of the Sepid Kooh Mountains.

Sepid Kooh pictures

Sepid kooh pictures

Sepid Kooh Mountain, with its own topographic status, and rivers like Karieh and Kashkan, are considered as important and valuable habitats of western Iran.

Sepid Kooh area

272 plant species and 138 species of wildlife were identified in the Sepid Kooh protected area. There are also a number of Qanats and seasonal mirages on the southern side of the Sepid Kooh.

Sepid Kooh Special Features

Sepid kooh features

Sepid Kooh has better and more favorable conditions for wildlife habitats than other mountains in Iran.

Because it firstly has a mild climate that is conducive to all seasons of the year and a hard and cold winter period, secondly, "forest cover and vegetation, and bushes and shrubs that are abundant and abundant feeds of hard winter snow and winter for animals Wild area.

Sepid Kooh in different seasons

Sepid Kooh in all seasons has good resources for the comfortable living of animals, and because of this, all animals of this mountain range are fourfold, and birds and reptiles are considered to be the largest and most beautiful of Iran, and no mountain in this regard is on the same level as the Sepid Kooh.

Extremely high biodiversity, beautiful landscapes of forests and mountain ranges, waterfalls, abundant waterfalls, and suitable access routes are the special potential of this region.

Sepid Kooh bio-mountain

Sepid koof animal life

There were valuable species such as yellow deer and scarecrow and vulture in the Sepid Kooh where their generations were extinct. On the old tombstones found in the Imam Zadeh Pir Shamsuddin, the gravestones with the yellow deer picture that they were engraved are visible, which itself indicates the presence of yellow deer in this area. (According to the traditions of Lorestan, the gravestones of professional hunters engraved deer image.)

The reports from the Environmental Protection Agency of Lorestan province indicate that the Iranian leopard has been observed in the Sepid Kooh area.

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