Shirz canyon in Lurestan |

Shirz canyon in Lurestan |

Shirz canyon in Lurestan

Shirz canyon in Lurestan is one of the nature in this and you will be amazed When you see this canyon. Here is a beautiful combination of rough rocks, flowing water and lush plains and after passing through the corridors you will reach the waterfall. so we recommond you to add this place in your iran tour packages.

Shirz canyon

Shirz canyon formation

Shirz canyon is located in the heart of the Zagros Mountains with all its beauties. The valley is eroded with sedimentary rocks belonging to the third geological Devon.

Shirz canyon in Lurestan

One of the most important features of these rocks, which created this masterpiece, is that they are very succinct and when it hits by the river or rain, shapes it very interesting and beautiful.

Shirz canyon historical and geographical value

Shirz canyon in Lurestan also have ancient sites of the Stone Age. These sites also include works from the cave life that attracted many attentions.

Shirz canyon

This natural attraction has been considered as a unique geographic phenomenon and one of the attractions of Iran ecotourism.

What can you do in Shirz canyon?


Shirz canyon nature is unique, and when you reach the plain, you will see shrubbery trees, oak, grapes, figs and wild pears and you can eat these fruits.

Shirz canyon

Mountain wild goats are visible from far away. Also, when you are crossing the river's, you may suddenly feel that the living creature is in contact with you; just look at the river's bottom carefully to see the fish in the clear waters.


At the end of Shirz canyon in Lurestan, there is a cave and a river with very cold water is in the middle of it. When you are going inside the cave, be careful that in some places water may reach the top of your knee.

Shirz canyon

This cave is a memorial that has survived since the cave period in Iran. The locals call this cave the bridge of God.

Rocky Minarets:

Shirz canyon

With millions of years gone by and atmospheric conditions such as wind and rain, as well as a severe earthquake, a pillar in the Strait of Shirz has been formed in the area that surprises everyone.

The necessary equipment

There is a possibility to swim in this place, so add extra clothes. Inside the cave is quite dark and you have to take a flashlight. After passing through Shirz canyon you're going to need food with yourself. The floor of the river is rocky and may have a tangled object inside it, try to move in it with shoes and have comfortable and suitable footwear.

Best season to travel to Shirz canyon?

Shirz canyon

The best time to visit this Straits is the spring and summer. But in the autumn and winter, weather become cold and continues until the end of the winter.

Access path to Shirz canyon

You can reach to this place from Kermanshah, Ilam or Lorestan and is a great opportunity for road trip in iran. The best route to access here is through the Oladqoba Road.  Two kilometers to the end of the road is a suitable land, and eventually it reaches a parking lot with a fishing complex next to it. From here you have to walk through the Shirz canyon. So get your Iran visa and travel to Shirz canyon in Lurestan.

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Jane Hernández 03 October 2018

I never knew Iran has such these incredible nature. I will gonna visit here next time I came to your country. thank you so much for your information.

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