Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks was one of kings favorite, which they ordered to carve it inside the mountain.

The Sassanid prominent figures from different parts of Iran show the power of this kingdom. Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks were one of King's favorite, which they ordered to carve inside the mountain.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

Kermanshah besides its Iranian food has many historical places. Sassanid Embellish in Taq Bostan is one of the most important attractions in Kermanshah, which has a worldwide reputation.

Taq Bostan History

Unlike Achaemanian kings that chose Bisotun, Sassanid kings chose areas around Persepolis to carve statues, but since Artaxerxes II and the kings after him, Taq-e Bostan that was a lush and green place and was in the silk roadway, was replaced the previous ones and made it one of the most attractive Iran tourism attractions.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

There are numerous interesting reviews about the history of this magnificent historical complex, some archaeologists and historians have estimated the Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks history, which consists of several stones and inscriptions, to the reign of the Sasanian kings in the third millennium BC.

Taq Bostan Architecture

the Kermanshah Historical Collection consists of three main parts, the name of the Artaxerxes II coronation carvings, the Big arch (known as the great porch, which dates back to the time of the reign of Khosrow Parviz), and the small arch (known as the small porch, and related to Shapur III carving which can be considered as the most accurate and beautiful stone works of the state Sassanid kings.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

We can designate Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks that were kings of Iran hunting ground, the world's first rocky carving, which correctly incorporate the rules and principles of painting.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

The image of Khosrow Parviz Riding on Shabdiz, his black horse, is engraved in this inscription as if you are watching a beautiful and adorable painting. According to some historic experts and archaeologists, this carving is considered a cloth with golden threads and geometrically rhodium plated.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

It can be argued that he decorated it in a rigorously fashionable way. We can also refer to the boar hunting scene of the king, in which he used a dress, decorated beautifully with a Phoenix image in circular signs.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

The arches consist of two interconnected arches of gray-grained rocks that are drilled in the mountains. The advantages and qualities of these rocks can be attributed to the lack of growth of plants and weeds in them.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

Interestingly, the artist's sophistication of professors seems to be very appealing and beautiful in this magnificent historical collection, and the decorations used to make it are admirable as Iranian architecture.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

Both the arches in this ancient work have benefited from the taste of the ancient Iranian artists, and it is interesting to know that the arches are smaller in the arches than in the great arches. Archaeologists, however, have considered the significance of a small arch more than the other, and it is more valuable. so one of our travel tips for you is do not to miss both of these wonderful arches.

Taq Bostan bas reliefs in rocks

Because this part of the historical collection is enjoyed by two stones written on the Pahlavi line, located on its sides. At the end of the cave, you can see the outstanding image of the two people in your Iran tour in this place.

More information about Taq Boston:

Address: Taq Bostan hills – Northeastern boundary of the city - Kermanshah City - Kermanshah Province – Iran

Access time: 8:00 till 18:00

Cost for foreign nationals: 200,000 IRR

Suggested visit time: about 1 hour

Phone number: -


Nearest Tourist Attractions: Do-Ashkaft cave

Best time to visit: Four season

*this place has no access to public vehicles so we offer you car rental in Iran services.


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