A traditional stay in Toranjestan hotel |

A traditional stay in Toranjestan hotel |

Toranjestan traditional hotel

The Toranjestan traditional hotel in Shiraz as one of iran tourism most important cities is an ancient house belongs to more than 150 years ago and late Qajar and early Pahlavi periods.

Toranjestan traditional hotel

If you read our article about Iran historic hotels; Living in Iranian ancient history and you are interested to stay in old and historic hotels of Iran, do not miss this article because we are going to introduce one of the most eye-catching traditional hotels that many tourists stay there in their iran tour.

About Toranjestan traditional hotel

Travelers who are looking for an opportunity to stay away from routine and urban life, they can experience traditional-style living in Toranjestan traditional hotel.
Toranjestan traditional hotel is located in Lotf Ali Khan Zand street and that makes easy access for tourists to the Narenjestan Qavam house and the Zinat ol-Molk, the beautiful and famous mosque of Nasir al-Molk (pink mosque), the Zand complex including the Vakil bazaar, Vakil Bath, Karim Khan Arg, and Pars Museum, and also it is close to the main shopping center of the city, which are considered as tourist attractions of Shiraz.

Toranjestan traditional hotel

Toranjestan traditional hotel has, coffee shop and traditional Iranian restaurant and a vegetarian restaurant that can provide the best opportunity to experience the best flavors of iranian food and home dishes for all guests.
Toranjestan traditional hotel is built on a ground floor area of 250 square meters on the ground floor, first floor, and basement, and has a total of 7 rooms.

Toranjestan traditional hotel

Remarkable guests, because of the preservation of traditional iranian architecture and the induction of nostalgic sensation, most of the rooms of this residence don’t have television. There is also a room without beds in it. Here is a suitable hotel for the elderly and families with young children and also anyone who wants to experience staying in a traditional place.

Toranjestan traditional hotel

More Information about Toranjestan traditional hotel

  • Address: Narenjestan Qavam Alley, Lotfali Khan Zand Street, Shiraz, Iran.
  • Phone Number: +98 921 258 6977

The rules of the Toranjestan traditional hotel

  • Check in time: 14:00
  • Check out time: 12:00

law for young passengers:
in Toranjestan traditional hotel, Accommodation for children under the 6 years old if they do not use services is free, over 6 is calculated the full fee.

Toranjestan traditional hotel

General Features of Toranjestan traditional hotel

  • Number of rooms: 7
  • Number of floors: 1

Toranjestan traditional hotel facilities

  • General

24/7 taxi service – Iranian WC in the yard

  • Food and Drinks

Coffee shop - Restaurant

  • Media and digital

Internet in the room

  • View of some rooms

View to the garden

  • Staff talk

Fluent in English

  • Out of the hotel

Garden – Pond – Traditional bed

  • Services

Laundry – Breakfast in the room – Internet services – Tour operator

  • Internet

In rooms

  • Parking lot

Doesn’t have a parking lot!

Toranjestan traditional hotel

The distance between Toranjestan traditional hotel and city important places

  • Shiraz Airport: 18 minutes by car                                                                                                                         
  • Shiraz passenger Terminal: 12 minutes by car                                                                                    
  • Shiraz Railway: 37 minutes by car                                                                                                    
  • Karim Khan Arg: 10 minutes by car                                         
  • Quran gate: 14 minutes by car
  • Persepolis: 1:03 minutes by car
  • Vakil bazaar: 7 minutes by car
  • Naqsh-e Rustam: 58 minutes by car

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