Different tours in the capital of Iran, Tehran

Tours in Tehran Car rental companies beside their specialized services, they also can hold different tours in most citi...

Tours in Tehran

Car rental companies beside their specialized services, they also can hold different tours in most cities in Iran, specially tours in Tehran.

For example, in Tehran, the capital of Iran, many kinds of tours can be held. stay with us to know more about Tehran tour.

Tehran cultural tours

These kind of tours in Tehran are more common and popular.

Where can we visit in Tehran cultural tours?

there are many places in Tehran that we can visit from this category. Golestan palace is a complex with many buildings and castles from Qajar dynasty that is registered the UNESCO world heritage and Sa'dabad Complex from Pahlavi dynasty are more known in Tehran.

Other places we can visit in Tehran cultural tours

If you are a history lover and want to learn many things from the 4000-year-old history of this country you can also go and see Masoudieh mansion, National museum of Iran, Abgineh museum and Time museum that are most famous historical places that you can visit in

Golestan palace in Tehran tours

Tehran ecotourism tours

If you are interested in nature, Tehran is the best destination for you.

Where can we visit in Tehran ecotourism tours?

This city has many beautiful places in the foothills of Alborz mountains like Darband, Darakeh or Kan, a place to breathe fresh air and have a great hiking. You can also have a delicious lunch beside many waterfalls that this city owns like Shekarāb waterfall, Twin or Sangan waterfall.

Other places we can visit in Tehran cultural tours

Another idea that we have for you for toursin Theran is to spend lovely weekend around wonderful fountains near city like Ali Fountain in Rey, or you can camp near Abali Fountain and enjoy its pure nature.

Darband in Tehran tours

Tehran religious tours

It always interesting for tourist, wheatear they are Muslim or not, to visit religious attractions in a city and get that spiritual vibe. There are many mosques and holy shrines with a wonderful Islamic architecture that are available for foreign tourist to visit and enjoy,

Where can we visit in Tehran religious tours?

if you are interested there are the most famous places you should see in this group like Shah Abdul Azim holy shrine that has a great library though, for Islamic researches, Imamzadeh Davoud and Imamzadeh Saleh shrine.

Mosalla in Tehran is a place to biggest gathering of Tehran's Muslims for Friday prayers and also is a place for holding different exhibitions.

Shah Abdol Azim in Tehran tours

Business tourism

Tehran as a Capital and most populated city is the heart of the economy of Iran that most businesses run in this city and most important companies are located here.

Also every year many exhibitions are held in Tehran International Exhibition Center that can make a great opportunity to get know and cooperate with successful companies of Iran.

Tehran international exhibition center in Tehran tours

Sport tourism

Whereas you are an athlete or just do sports for fun, in every season we can suggest you some brilliant places for doing sports like hiking, skiing or riding and swimming. Darake and Darband also are mentioned for eco-tourism also are a fantastic place for hiking the mountain or riding a bike in some special parts of it.

If you like skiing this city can be your host in winter. Tochal, Dizin and Shemshak ski resorts are most famous resorts in Tehran that you can experience a lovely holiday there.

Dizin ski resort in Tehran tours

Saadat car rental in Iran company is proud of holding many exciting tours in Tehran for you with professional leaders and amusing itineraries.


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