A traditional Pond model in the courtyard of Iranian homes

Iranian pond; full of positive energy About Iranian pond

Iranian pond; full of positive energy

About Iranian pond

The Pond can be considered the heart of traditional Iranian architecture.

Iranian pond and its positive energy

There are many uses of the pond in Iranian architecture such as a drinking water reservoir, ablution place, decorative role, etc. Traditional ponds with beautiful flowers and pots next to them create a lot of positive energy.

Traditional Pond influence on Iranian houses

The existence of traditional ponds in the courtyards of Iranian homes with gardens and beautiful trees creates a unique atmosphere for summer party. Now, if these ponds have red fishes every things are complete. View the examples of the most beautiful traditional pools in the courtyards of the Iranian homes and enjoy the beautiful Persian architecture.

Iranian pond in old houses

 Iranian pond pictures

Iranian pond pictures

Perhaps, by looking at these images, you would like to stay there for a while and enjoy all this beauty. You will definitely be interested in traditional Iranian architecture by seeing these traditional and beautiful ponds.

traditional pond in a courtyard

the picture of traditional pond

The image below is a typical example of traditional Iranian homes, with two courtyards on the courtyard of the garden that has beautiful trees and blossoms. Around this traditional dish is decorated with lovely pots.

traditional pond in an old house


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