Traveling During Covid-19 | A Complete Guideline

traveling in covid 19 time

Travel conditions during the coronavirus outbreak

traveling during Covid is a new trend in travel and tourism nowadays. whether you want to visit Iran attractions, which is what this blog is all about, or any other places in the world. There is a love for traveling and leisure in all human beings. Seeing different lands and getting to know different cultures helps us to know life better. But about a year ago, when an uninvited guest named Corona entered people's lives, travel and tourism were affected. So that most trips were canceled.

Today, several months after the virus's global spread, our lives have gotten acclimated to it, and we all attempt to keep our regular lives by preserving health and safety alongside the corona, and travel is an essential aspect of human life. As a result, the tourist business has begun operations not only in Iran, but across the world, but the concern that may emerge for you is how to prevent coronary heart disease when traveling.

Traveling During Coronavirus

During a corona outbreak, all airlines and airlines in the country, as well as hotels and passenger accommodation centers, as well as all modes of transportation and all matters related to the process of travel and passenger transportation, must implement health protocols to prevent the spread of corona and maintain travelers' health. These instructions are supplied to all of these centers as advise on how to avoid coronavirus. For example, all airlines are required to thoroughly clean the aircraft after each trip and before boarding.

Now we must realize that, as a result of Corona, travel models have changed, and we must be able to limit the danger of travel with new travel models, taking use of every hour, and as far as possible, by watching health and safety concerns, our health. Let's keep it going. In this post, we will discuss the precautions you should take to avoid contracting the Coronavirus during your vacation.

The most essential strategy to combat coronavirus is to practice proper personal hygiene and routinely wash your hands. Make the contents in the luggage take precedence over the mask, gloves, gel, or disinfectant to ensure that nothing is overlooked. By no means do I want to imply that I advocate for the mother's inactivity. Eat nothing and nothing at all. Keep a safe distance from others, especially those who have symptoms such as coughing. Bring a bank card with you to avoid having to pay in cash. To avoid coronary heart disease, it is also critical to use standard masks.

General tips for traveling during the corona

  • Travel with fellow travelers who are all known and from the same family
  • Having personal belongings and tents
  • Eat healthy and prepared food
  • Have enough water and washing equipment

The most important way to treat coronavirus is to maintain good personal hygiene and wash your hands often. To guarantee that nothing is neglected, prioritize the contents of the suitcase over the mask, gloves, gel, or disinfectant. I don't intend to suggest that I support the mother's inaction. Eat nothing and anything. Maintain a safe distance from others, especially those who are coughing. Bring your bank card to prevent having to pay in cash. It is also vital to wear standard masks to avoid coronary heart disease.

Choosing a travel destination is one of the most important points. It is recommended that you avoid traveling to cities and provinces that are in a state of red and attend crowded shops and entertainment venues such as crowded restaurants. Choose only open spaces such as the beach and the forest for fun.

Unfortunately, several months after the outbreak of the disease, a definitive solution to control the coronavirus has not yet been found, and the only proposed solution is social distancing and adherence to health issues and protocols.

Healthy eating plan during the trip

When traveling, one of the most essential factors to consider is the state of our immune system. According to research and results, the coronavirus causes much milder symptoms if the infected person's immune system is strong, and it is eventually treatable, so it is important to pay attention to our immune system these days when traveling due to climate change and living conditions, the immune system may change and weaken slightly, so it is important to help with healthy nutrition and principles to keep our immune system strong.

Food that you have cooked yourself and poured into a portable container is the finest option for eating on the road. The next safe option is to utilize packaged foods or dry, prepared foods that need little to no hand interaction. If you must dine in a restaurant, we recommend that you do it at your hotel or near your place of abode. Avoid dining at out-of-town or rural places. Bring your water bottle, spoon, and fork as well. In the days of Corona, one of the amenities provided by hotels was room service (in-room food and beverage service), which eliminated the need for tourists to leave their rooms. However, you can bring packed meals and plenty of mineral water with you before entering the hotel.

Also, do not choose to travel during this period to experience new foods. Eating new seafood or livestock that you have not tried before may put your body at risk for weight loss. Avoid smoking as coronavirus can cause acute respiratory illness.

Observance of hygiene protocols in the accommodation

Finding and hiring suitable housing is typically one of the most important factors to consider when traveling, and this is not limited to the Corona era. However, because coronavirus is so common, the most important aspects to consider are leasing a clean and disinfected suite and villa. From the beginning of the coronavirus until the present, health procedures have been devised, updated, and executed on a regular basis in order to provide the best health services to guests in places such as hotels, apartment hotels, traditional accommodations, and so on. Many accommodation places in cities and towns offer a secure stay that complies with all health-related regulations. As a result, avoid any sort of unlawful housing.

Important information about the hotel and accommodation

If you feel a little sick, do not travel. Many hotels measure your body temperature before entering the hotel, so if you think you may not be able to pass this stage and you will not be allowed to enter the hotel, avoid traveling.

The hotel where you plan to stay may contact you before arrival and check-in remotely to minimize any face-to-face contact.

If possible check - do this hotel online.

Do not take the elevator at the same time as guests or hotel staff.

Be sure to bring a pair of socks or slippers to walk into the hotel room.

Avoid them even if public places such as swimming pools, sports halls, and business centers of the hotel where you are staying are open.

Under the current circumstances, hotels will usually not keep your luggage and belongings in storage after check-out. So before planning a trip, be sure to consider this point.

Before booking a hotel, be sure to keep in mind that some hotels' restaurants do not offer full service or may even be closed.

Tips for traveling by plane during the Corona

During a corona epidemic, all airlines and airlines in the nation are required to undertake health measures in order to avoid corona outbreaks and safeguard the health of passengers and flight crew. All airlines are given these guidelines as guidance on how to avoid coronavirus. After each flight and before boarding, all airlines are obligated to fully clean the aircraft.

If you feel a little sick, do not travel. Many airports and airlines measure your body temperature at various stages before boarding a plane, so if you think you may not be allowed to travel at any stage, avoid traveling.

As far as possible, do not take public transport to get to the airport and use a personal car or taxi.

Be sure to spend more time than usual when entering the airport car park, terminals, check-in desk - this is the airport security section.

Be sure to bring a mask with you when boarding the plane, as having a mask is required to enter the plane from all airlines.

Since some airlines do not offer catering services in the current situation, bring some food with you on board.

Be sure to listen carefully to the advice of the airport and airline staff you travel with.

Public items and most recreational items are always exposed to contamination due to contact with the environment, so their use is not recommended and it is better not to use these items when traveling or to use disinfected items if used. do.

Tips for traveling by bus during the Corona

As people travel greater distances by bus, you must be more cautious, and the air conditioning system may not be as good as that of aircraft and trains, increasing the transmission and spread of the Coronavirus. The following are the most significant factors to consider while traveling by bus:

Passengers should use online shopping as much as possible or use a mask and gloves when preparing a ticket at the box office, keeping a distance of one meter from the person in front and the cashier.

In the waiting room, keep a distance of at least 2 meters with others.

Use packing materials for snacks in the waiting room as much as possible.

Avoid lying on benches.

Before sitting on a chair, first, disinfect the handle and counter of the chair.

If you have to go to the counters to buy a ticket or any other issue, it is necessary to observe all the principles of hygiene.

You should not touch your face or eyes at all during the ticket preparation, waiting in the lounge, and travel hours. Because these organs have a weaker immune system and are an easy route for the coronavirus to enter the body.

Anything you touch while getting on the bus, such as your phone, bag, and toll card, should be disinfected.

Always carry disinfectants such as gels or disinfectants containing 70% alcohol with you all the way.

Try to follow the nutrition guidelines throughout the trip.

Before opening the food package, such as beverages, biscuits, etc., disinfect the package with an antiseptic spray.

If a stranger is sitting next to you, use a mask throughout the trip.

Try to have a lot of masks with you and change your mask immediately if necessary.

Tips for traveling by train during the Corona

Maintaining a social distance in the cramped seats of trains is impossible, so try not to remove your masks from your face at all between getting on and off the train and putting them on your face. Cover the mouth and nose completely.

The Passenger Trains Company has also announced that it has implemented protocols to control the virus while traveling and to protect passengers against it, which are referred to below. The Rail Transport Protocol for Railway Employees, Trains, Passengers, and Tourism Activists sets out, emphasizing all of the above recommendations:

If possible, according to the number of passengers and the capacity of the train, people should be located at a safe distance in each compartment.

Train crews wear masks and gloves during the trip.

It is mandatory to clean and disinfect trains after each trip and stop at the bus stop with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health.

Offering any kind of food and drink to passengers is only allowed in the form of packaging. Also, regarding hot food prepared in the train restaurant, it is necessary to observe all hygienic protocols and use cellophane and sanitary caps.

In addition to the usual items, several masks, gloves, and disinfectants should be placed in the first aid kit of the train.

If the passenger sees signs of the corona, he should be provided with a mask and gloves.

Passengers should wear masks and gloves to increase safety and security during the trip.

In the case of serving food in the train restaurant, it is necessary to observe the health protocols and the safe distance between the passengers and the crew.

The recommendations for attending the railway are similar to the airport protocol, and passengers are required to maintain a minimum distance of one meter from operators and other passengers and to strictly follow the hygiene protocols of public places.

Tips for traveling by car during the Corona

car rental in Iran or any other country is one of the safest ways for traveling during covid. The concept of good cleaning on a road trip is almost the same as the concept you have at home; That is, washing hands with soap and water before and after eating or using the bathroom and things like that. Now that you've finished packing, it's time to get your car ready and clean up any viruses. Traveling by car is a hassle, but because it minimizes the amount of communication you have with other people, it is much better than public transportation.

Things to look for when traveling in your car include:

Before traveling, make sure the vehicle is healthy and clean and disinfect the car interior and door handles. Before traveling, be sure to prepare personal hygiene items, including disposable gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and paper towels.

Use a mask and gloves when refueling at gas stations.

On short trips, use light food prepared at home.

Stop on long trips only in intermediate units under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism.

After using public health services, wash and dry your hands thoroughly according to the protocols announced by the Ministry of Health or use a hand sanitizer.

After purchasing any kind of goods or food before using or entering the car, its packaging should be disinfected.

Preferably use electronic methods to pay for tolls on highways.