2022 World Cup

Let’s go to Kish Island for the 2022 World Cup

Kish is a drawing of an imaginary painting on the endless canvas of the Persian Gulf. You can travel to this country for the 2022 World Cup.

If you are a big fan of football pills and World Cup matches, we understand how much you would like to participate in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which starts on November 20, 1401. But like many people, you may have to worry about the cost of living, buying a World Cup ticket, and the conditions. So, you can choose Kish Island for the world cup 2022 football match and enjoy watching your favorite sports match.


About Kish Island

This oval coral island, the jewel of the Persian Gulf, is located 90 km from Bandar Lengeh and 250 km from Bandar Abbas. The geographical location of Kish Island is such that it has created historical and cultural attractions of Kish and has turned it into an imaginary world of all kinds of tourist attractions.

about kish island

Best Iran tour

Iran is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Iran is a dream destination for tourists from all over the world because of its numerous historical, cultural, and natural attractions. If you are also interested in visiting this beautiful nation, you can select from a variety of best Iran tour that offered by various travel firms and have a fantastic vacation. You may also pick Iran trips that include Persian Gulf islands such as Kish, Qeshm, or Hurmoz, and visit them on your trip to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. It's worth noting that Iran tours cover a wide range of places, cultures, and activities. It doesn't matter if you want to go sightseeing or learn about history. Perhaps you'd want to spend some time in nature and relax, or perhaps you'd like to learn about village life. You may select amongst our Iran excursions for all of this.

Why should we travel to Kish for the Qatar World Cup?

The first thing that is so important for watching a football match is the price. Another thing is that Qatar is not able to accommodate this number of passengers due to its limited capacity. To solve this problem, agreements have been reached between Iran and Qatar, according to which Kish Island can be used as a suitable area to receive the spectators of this event.

Accommodation in Qatar costs more than 10 to 15 million Tomans per night, but on Kish Island, you can stay at least 1 million Tomans or less per night.

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Car rental in Kish Island

Another thing that is so common on this Island is car rental. You can rent a car in Kish at the best price and travel whenever you want and enjoy watching the world cup match and all the perfect places on Kish Island.

car rental in kish


How should we travel to Qatar from Kish Island?

Water and airlines can also be used to travel to Qatar. Of course, currently, the airlines from Kish Island to Qatar are closed, but they will be activated during the competitions. After arriving in Qatar, you can also go to the relevant stadiums using public transportation.

the best way for traveling to qatar from kish


Best hotels on Kish Island

This Island has the perfect hotel that you can stay there for your travel. Some beautiful hotels in Kish are:

  • Mirage Hotel Kish
  • Panorama Hotel Kish
  • Toranj Kish Hotel
  • Vida Kish Hotel
  • Parmis Kish Hotel
  • Aramis Plus Hotel Kish
  • Marina Kish Hotel
  • Dariush Kish Hotel
  • Lilium Kish Hotel

And some other hotels that you can choose whichever that you like when staying on Kish Island.

best hotel in kish


Qatar weather during the World Cup

This country has the warmest weather. For Fifa world cup 2022, you do not have to burden your luggage with warm clothes. Because this World Cup hole in the fall. In this season, the climate of Qatar is temperate and does not have much cold or heat.

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Which stadium will host the Qatar World Cup?

All the matches are in a different stadium. You should know about all the matches and after that travel there:

  1. City of Doha
  • Khalifa International Stadium: Until the third round of the playoffs
  • Al-Thamameh Stadium: Up to the quarter-final stage
  • Ras Abu Abboud Stadium: Until the round of 16
  1. City of Lucille
  • Lucille Stadium
  1. City of Al Rayyan
  • Al Rayyan Stadium: Until the round of 16
  1. Education Town
  • City Training Stadium: Up to the quarter-finals
  1. Alokore
  • South Stadium: Until the round of 16
  1. Khor
  • Albay Stadium: Until the semi-finals

best stadium in qatar


So, we can say that the best way for enjoying the world cup 2022 and saving your money is to travel to Kish Island. You can have both fun and save money together and on the other hand, you can enjoy Iranian historical places too.

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