Nissan Patrol


2 review 5.0
A/C M 3 5 4
  • upto adys: 550 AED
  • upto adys: 530 AED
  • upto adys: 490 AED

Deposit: 300 

Free Unlimited Mileage & Medium Insurance

Nissan Patrol car rental in Dubai

Nissan Patrol is another 4*4 cars that are available in Saadatrent for car rental in Dubai. we have made an opportunity for you to rent this car with easy terms and conditions and reasonable price. so you can enjoy an unforgettable safari in the deserts of Dubai or driving in its highways.

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maximum motor power (hp)
maximum speed (km/h)
transmission system
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fuel tank capacity (Lit)
trunk capacity (Lit)
air bag
audio system
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