Runna car rental

From 1 to 5 days:35 $Daily
From 6 to 13 days:34 $Daily
More than 13 days:33 $Daily

The Runna is one of the most sought-after rental vehicles at Saadat Rent. With or without a driver, you may rent a Runna car to enjoy your travels with loved ones or friends or worry-free handle all your personal and professional tasks.
No particular requirements or documentation are needed, and the company's skilled driver is in charge of all duties, including damage and accidents. Rana is now available for hourly or daily rentals.
To hire a Runna without a driver, you must visit the website and complete your reservation online after reviewing the terms and appropriate paperwork. In Tehran, you may hire a car with a driver for ten hours. You must pay for 10 hours even if you plan to rent this automobile for fewer than 10. For out-of-town travel, your rate is computed based on the distance traveled rather than the number of hours.

Hydraulic steering, a manual-adjustable air conditioning system, front and rear fog lights, a third hazard light, the ability to adjust the angle of the headlights from inside the vehicle, adjustable electric side mirrors, a makeup mirror on the sun visor, electric front and rear door lift glass, an immobilizer, an intelligent fault finding system (multiplex), remote central locking, a 14-inch steel rim, and a driver's seat with hei are among the comfort