Samand is one of the most affordable rental automobiles. You can rent this automobile without a driver in any of Iran's interior cities and handle all of your business.
Simply go to the website and make your reservation online to hire this automobile. After renting Samand, you may pick it up wherever and whenever you like and return it after the contract.

Samand is the first automobile to hit the market with the logo of an Iranian automaker. Samand is powered by two engines:

  • XU7 petrol (LX and SE)
  • Base EF7 gasoline, gas, and turbo (Samand EF7 and Soren)

Samand, a durable automobile, is one of the greatest alternatives for road trips. Samand can be rented for no less than three days without a driver. You must pay for the same 3 days even if you rent this automobile for fewer than 3. Cost is included in the traffic plan for a rental automobile without a driver. You may visit any Iranian city with Samad's driverless automobile hire, without any constraints, and spend time with your loved ones. Saadat Rent provides an official contract with a 9% value-added tax, it should be acknowledged.