IKA CIP is dedicated to people whom their time is very important for them. people who have many tasks and works with limited time, such as managers, businessmen and other people with place in this category, are applicants for the IKA CIP services. IKA CIP provides a special service that saves the customers valuable time.

By using the CIP IKA, applicants for this service are relaxing while planning their work and important business appointments and sitting in the CIP IKA hall, while different snacks and drinks are served for them. Our colleagues, who are experts in the CIP IKA services, will do all the work and necessary steps for the passengers to board the airplane or to leave the IKA airport as soon as possible for them.

IKA CIP is suitable for which group of people?

Before explaining that IKA CIP is suitable for which group of travelers, you must first get to know the CIP word. This word refers to Commercial Important Persons. IKA CIP provides more and more convenient services and, in most cases, more luxurious services to its customers. IKA CIP applicants are the people that their time is like gold for themselves.

People who travel to other cities or countries for business and commercial trips, large and successful merchants who travel for large contracts, as well as certain people who intend to attend international meetings and conferences, are the main customers of the CIP IKA costumers.

Basically, these people that we mentioned above, and other people who use the IKA CIP services, usually do not have enough time to go through the usual and sometimes time-consuming times of boarding and leaving the airplane and doing the necessary works when they want to leave IKA.

It is here that the IKA CIP comes with the help of these people to do all this stuff in the shortest time and at special places away from the usual airport bustle to save their time and energy so that they can carry out important tasks and take a great trip with CIP IKA.

CIP IKA Services

The IKA CIP lounge provides for all its guests a very comfortable and luxurious atmosphere, and those who want to use the IKA CIP, will travel much faster and easier than any other regular traveler who do not use CIP IKA and they also experience much easier trip when they use CIP IKA services.

Applicants for using the IKA CIP do not experience many of the usual methods and procedures for entering and leaving the IKA, such as standing in long queues which take a lot of their time, or after arriving at the destination, wait a fairly long time for their luggage. And they will not even be waiting for the IKA flight card when they use CIP IKA services.

With using IKA CIP and its services, you can safely get your essential work done, or if you were on a long journey, you can rest in the CIP IKA and receive its services at the CIP IKA Hall. You can also order yourself some snacks or drinks for yourself from the IKA Café when you are in CIP IKA lounge.

In addition to all this, with IKA CIP, you can excurse and buy anything from the luxury stores that are located at the CIP IKA. These souvenir shops are a very good choice for you if you want to buy something for your friends and family.

It should be noted that the CIP IKA will allow you, for a short period of time, if there is a time distance between your flights or some other special conditions has arisen, you can stay in the equipped suites that are provided for you.

It Also should be noted that IKA CIP is also available for passengers all days of the week, and customers can use IKA CIP services.

IKA CIP for outgoing travelers

The CIP IKA and its services for the outgoing passengers who arrive at the IKA will begin when they arrive to the CIP IKA lounge. The CIP IKA services at this stage are such that first the staff of the IKA CIP service department carries passengers' luggage and directs them to the reception area. Then, in this section, all the work related to their travel is done by IKA CIP staff.

In the next steps of CIP IKA services, passengers will be guided to the transit hall and, upon arrival, with IKA CIP staff greetings, they can relax at the IKA CIP lounge and they will be catered with fresh snacks and drinks, while The staff of the CIP IKA are doing the rest of the works for passengers’ flight in a short time.

In CIP IKA, after completing these tasks and delivering the passports to their owners, flight card, and other necessary items, the passengers with the CIP IKA service, will go from dedicated gateways and the IKA CIP staff take them to their flight with private cars.

IKA CIP for Incoming travelers

IKA CIP and its services for passengers who are entering the IKA starts from the moment they leave the plane. Initially, the staff of the CIP IKA that wrote the name of their IKA CIP passenger on a sign so that they could locate the IKA CIP operation staff who were looking for them. Then, these passengers are brought to the CIP IKA gate by the dedicated cars and they are catered buy snacks while they are resting.

During this time, the IKA CIP staff will conduct the all procedures for checking passports of passengers and delivery of their luggage and loads. In the end, CIP IKA passengers will receive passport and all their documents and will leave the CIP IKA.

If you would like to book an IKA CIP services, you can fill out the booking form on our site and contact our colleagues to start your comfortable and fast travel for your business appointments or attending international conferences and your other work plans.