Are your cars clean?

Yes, all of the Saadat rent cars are clean with high technical quality. Also, our Iranian cars are produced in 2017-2018 and our foreign cars are produces from 2016.

What about the car drivers?

Most of the Saadat rent drivers are young but all of them are nice, neat, arranged and well trained for formal occasions.

What are the required documents for car rental with driver?

You don’t need to give any special documents for chauffeur driven car.

What are the conditions about the accommodation and food for driver?

Accommodation and food costs for driver are separate for each day from the rent cost, you can pay for it or provide the accommodation and meals for the driver.

How much is the capacity of the cars?

The capacity of the cars is usually 3 people that you can travel easily.

Do you have contracts for companies and organizations?

Yes, but not as a commuter service just for managers transfer and doing business missions.

How many hours per day are cars at our disposal?

The costs listed on the site are for 10 hours per day, but the extra hours include the extra hourly charge.