When should I apply for a CIP service?

You can start booking your CIP services within 1 month.

Are the prices different at the weekends and holidays?

No, they’re not.

How much in the price of the CIP services per person?

Fore each person, CIP services cost 48€. You can visit Saadat rent website for more information.

Do CIP services include transfer?

No, you should pay the cost of transfer, from your desired location to the CIP hall separately.

How can I safely register my CIP services from Saadat rent company?

With more than 40 decades of experience in the field of transportation and registration number 7250, our company started under the auspices of the Islamic Republic of Iran Road Organization and has now become the official representative of the Proprietary Office (CIP). You can also apply in person or get an invoice for your services.

Do you have special cars for transfer?

Yes, you can visit all of transfer cars in Saadat rent website.

How can we reserve CIP services?

You need to sent a photo of you ticket and your passport to our experts.

Will any extra expenses be added to the CIP services cost?

No, if you don’t use any services, transfers, etc. you only have to pay for the CIP services.

Is it possible to cancel the CIP reservation?

As your service will be booked and paid for, the cancellation will be charged and you have to pay the fine.

How do I contact CIP support?

You can call 96611 and they are available 24/7

Is it possible to reserve the CIP online and by phone?

Yes, we have provided all the conditions to make it easy for you and you can reserve and receive invoices through the numbers provided on the site and WhatsApp, as well as online booking at the Saadat Rent.

Do you have any festivals and discounts?

Yes, be sure to follow our Instagram Page (Saadatrent) to be aware if there is a discount.

Is it possible to carry a pet?

We will do this for you. On incoming flights, we will deliver your pet from the cargo area and give it to the quarantine section. Your pet will then be delivered at the specified time and will be given to you with luggage.
In the outbound flights, the pet is delivered to the airport's CIP site, with the cargo and It is administered by the CIP team and ultimately handed over to the aircraft officials.
It should be noted that travelers who want to accompany their pet when flying should keep it in the cage.

Does CIP have a dedicated parking lot?

Yes, parking fees must be paid at the same time

When should we go to the reception counter?

You need to go to the reception counter with your reservation form.

Can patients and people who have recently undergone surgery use these services?

They can use it with their doctor's certification and his approval.