When is the year of production of your cars?

All of our cars are produced from 2014to the recent year.

How is the car's technical and visual quality?

All of the Saadat rent cars are visually and technically in the best possible condition.

Are all the drivers approved by the Saadat rent company?

All drivers and associates of Saadat rent are ethically qualified and professionally approved by us.

How many people can get in the vans?

If we remove the capacity of 2 to 4 seats to increase cargo space, these cars have a maximum passenger capacity of between 10 and 13 people

If we cancel our booking, we have to pay any fee?

If you cancel you van rental reservation up to 24 hours, there is no charge for you. But if you cancel your booking less than 24 hours left on the service, you need to pay cancelation fee depends on the type of your service.

Is it possible to book a car from a few days in advance?

There is no limit. You can book your car and van from a year ago.

Is it possible to have the car and its driver for a few days?

Yes, it is possible to book the car for a few days. Customers should provide driver's accommodation and meals during the trip and also there is the option of paying cash for accommodation and meals and is calculated on a daily basis.

Is the customer responsible for the car?

No, in car rental with driver services, customers have no liability for the car or van.

Are car audio system and air conditioning active?

Yes, all cars’ features such as acoustic and ventilation systems are available and work well.