Classic Iran, even more!

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9 days and 8 nights

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Culture - History

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4 - 8

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Tour Overview

Day 1

Tehran, Iran

We are going to start our trip from the capital of Iran, Tehran. This city is a combination of moderate and tradition that many tourists skip visiting it because they don’t know about it but with us you won’t lose your chance. Golestan Palace, the national garden, the national museum of Iran, Treasury of National Jewels and many other places are our destinations in Tehran.

Day 2

Kashan, Iran

Kashan is the first city we are going to visit in our trip. Kashan with more than 7000 years of history and antiquity can be a great destination for you. Old neighborhoods and eye-catching historical houses are the places you can’t ignore them even you are not a fan of history. Fin garden, Tabataba’i, Boroujerdi and other historical houses and Nooshabad underground city are the attractions you will visit.

Day 3

Abyaneh, Kashan, Iran

Abyaneh is also named the red village of Iran and is one the places near Kashan that you shouldn’t miss it at all. In this day, we are going to explore this beautiful village and all of its attractions. But this isn’t only an old village, there are many monuments from different dynasties here that you can visit and enjoy. Culture and people and life style is the most attractive thing about Abyaneh that you can experience here.

Day 4

Isfahan, Iran

Welcome to the Isfahan. This old tourist city is called the half of the world. Means that If you visit Isfahan, it’s like you visit the half of the world’s attractions. We are going to visit the Naqsh-e Jahan square and all of its surrounding attractions includes Ali Qapu palace, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Imam mosque and Qeysarieh bazaar.

Day 5

Isfahan, Iran

In our second day in this magnificent city, we are going to Jolfa neighborhood and of course, Vank cathedral. Hasht Behesht garden Chehel Sotoun Palace and Si-o-se pol bridge are listed in our itinerary too.

Day 6

Yazd, Iran

Our next stop is the Yazd; the first adobe city in the world but that’s not all. Yazd is also one of the cities of Iran that is registered in UNESCO and archaeologists claim that it is the second oldest in the world. There are many attractions that wait for us to visit them. Amir Chakhmaq complex, Zoroastrian fire temple and Dowlat Abad garden are some of the places we are going to visit in the city of Yazd.

Day 7

Yazd, Iran

Today we are going outside the city of Yazd to visit many attractions around the city. We are going to see towers of silence and the mysterious Chak Chak cave, the Zoroastrian temple and shrine, and also, we are going to one of the most beautiful villages in Yazd, Meybod and its monuments especially Narin castle.

Day 8

Marvdasht, Shiraz, Iran

n our way to our last destination, we are going to visit the most famous and the most important attraction that are in Marvdasht, near Shiraz. Persepolis and Pasargadae are two attractions that are registered in UNESCO world heritage site and most of tourists know them even before traveling to Iran. We are going to visit the remain of the glorious empire of Iran, Achaemenid dynasty that was the biggest and strongest dynasty on that time.

Day 9

Shiraz, Iran

After visiting Persepolis and Pasargadae, we are going to the city of love and poem, Shiraz. There are many places that we shouldn’t lose them at all. In the morning we will surely visit Nasir al-Molk mosque and after that, Karim khan citadel, Eram garden, Hafez tomb are other places that we are going to visit on the last day of our trip.

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