Desert deture

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12 days and 11 nights

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Adventure – Desert - Ecotourism

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2 - 6

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5 - 70

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Tour Overview

Day 1

Tehran – Isfahan, Iran

We start or trip immediately through the city that is called the half of the world. Isfahan is waiting for u with its eye-catching attractions. Naqsh-e Jahan square and its surrounding monuments; Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Imam mosque, Ali Qapu palace and at the evening, Si o Se pol bridge is waiting for us.

Day 2

Naen, Iran

The desert with its harsh and creative nature, always inspires hard working and creative desert people, and has been a major reason of the emergence of art and intelligence architectures. Naen village is one of the most underrated desert villages that will amaze you with its architecture. This village is near Varzaneh desert in Isfahan province. Pirnia historical house, Narin castle, Ashourgah castle and Rigareh Qanat-Based Water Mill are the places we must visit.

Day 3

Mesr desert, Iran

One of the most beautiful natural manifestations in Iran is its deserts, the once-only trip to them is enough to fell in love with them, and going to the Mesr desert in Isfahan creates exactly this feeling in person. Watching the endless yellow hills and the desert is not the only good part of it. Mesr desert nights generally have a different story. In the nights of this desert, you are invited to celebrate the stars, just look at the sky once, so you will never have to miss it.

Day 4

Khour and Biabanak, Iran

There are 126 large and small settlements in this area that, though all of them are desert, but you shouldn't just expect to see dirt and soil. In these villages, lush greenery in the heart of the desert, full of palm trees are waiting for you. you can stroll through the desert and experience all sorts of desert fun, or even swim and enjoy the music. Khor villages are full of springs, water reservoirs, rivers and open water channels. An unparalleled experience of a completely indigenous voyage to the city, allowing tourists to enter a different and fascinating world

Day 5

Tabas, Iran

Tabas is one of the oldest and most special cities in Iran, because of its unique historical and natural attractions it can be a great destination in our desert tour. In addition to the monuments left in the city, there are unique desert attractions that can make your trip more attractive. Halvan village, Kal Jenni valley are the places we are going to visit.

Day 6

Tabas, Iran

On the second day in Tabs, we are going to explore more places in this county. Azmighan village, Ismailiyan castle, Shah Abbasi dome and khour Salt Lake are only few places we are going to visit on our second day in Tabas.

Day 7

Birjand, Iran

After visiting one pf the most beautiful desert villages in south Khorasan, its time to travel to the city center of this province. The places you shouldn’t miss in Birjand are Akbariyeh garden than is also recorded in UNESCO, Birjand castle, Darreh dome, Baharestan historical castle and Kolah Farangi Citadel.

Day 8

Kalut Shahdad, Kerman, Iran

Cities are alive by their own inhabitants, but Kalut Shahdad desert is a city that has taken all its reputation from solitude and isolation, and that’s why people call this desert, the ghost city. In the first steps that you take on Kalut Shahdad desert, it's impossible to believe that these huge rocks are not built up by humans. Here is the best place to experience Safari and other desert recreations.

Day 9

Kerman, Iran

After visiting Kalut Shahdad, we must visit Kerman too because there are many attractions that we shouldn’t miss visiting them. Shazdeh Mahan garden, Arg-e Bam citadel, Rayn Citadel are places that we consider for our day in Kerman and it takes a full day from us.

Day 10

Yazd, Iran

Our next stop is the Yazd; the first adobe city in the world but that’s not all. Yazd is also one of the cities of Iran that is registered in UNESCO and archaeologists claim that it is the second oldest in the world. There are many attractions that wait for us to visit them. Amir Chakhmaq complex, Zoroastrian fire temple and Dowlat Abad garden are some of the places we are going to visit in the city of Yazd.

Day 11

Yazd, Iran

Today we are going outside the city of Yazd to visit many attractions around the city. We are going to see towers of silence and the mysterious Chak Chak cave, the Zoroastrian temple and shrine, and also, we are going to one of the most beautiful villages in Yazd, Meybod and its monuments especially Narin castle.

Day 12

Yazd-Tehran, Iran

This is the last day of our trip that we are going to back from beautiful city of Yazd to Tehran.

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