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Culture – History

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3 - 6

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Tour Overview

Day 1

Tehran, Iran

We are going to start our trip from the capital of Iran, Tehran. This city is a combination of moderate and tradition that many tourists skip visiting it because they don’t know about it but with us you won’t lose your chance. Saadabad complex, Ferdows garden, Carpet museum, Treasury of National Jewels and many other places are our destinations in Tehran.

Day 2

Qazvin, Iran

In this itinerary, we are going to the north of Iran from a different way. It may not be as beautiful as Chalus road but are going to visit one of the most underrated cities of Iran, Qazvin. In our short trip in Qazvin, we are going to visit Alamut castle.

Day 3

Rasht, Iran

After crossing Roudbar and Manjil, we will arrive to the beautiful city of Rasht Rasht is one of the oldest cities of Iran that is a great combination of history and nature with coastal weather. We’re going to walk on the streets of this beautiful city and visiting its attractions and eat local food for our dinner.

Day 4

Ardabil, Iran

Do you remember the Chalus road? Now we are going to across through one of the roads of Iran that is 10 times more beautiful and breathtaking than Chalus roads. We are going to across through the Asalem- Khalkhal road and its phenomenon landscape to arrive to Ardabil. There are many places we are going to visit in Adabil. Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine ensemble, Meshginshahr suspension bridge are the most important ones between them.

Day 5

Tabriz, Iran

On our way to Tabriz we are going to have some relax time in Sarein and its hot spring waters. But we won’t stay to long because Tabriz is waiting for us. Tabriz is named the city of the first. This city is one of the most important cities of Iran through the history. ElGoli pool and garden and Tabriz bazaar are the places we must visit in this city.

Day 6

Jolfa, Iran

Before going to the west side of Iran, we are going to visit another city on our way. we are going through Jolfa to visit the UNESCO churches in these parts of the country. saint stepanos monastery, Chapel of Dzordzor and Qareh Kelīsā are waiting for us.

Day 7

Hamadan, Iran

Our next stop is the capital of Iran tourism. Hamadan is one of the oldest cities of Iran that were the capital of Medes dynasty for more than 2000 years ago. Ali Sadr cave, Hegmataneh, Ganjnameh and Avicenna mausoleum are some of the places we are going to visit in this beautiful city.

Day 8

Kurdistan, Iran

Of course, if you are planning to travel to the western part of Iran, the unconscious name of Kurdistan also comes to your mind as one of the main options. We will have a little stop in Sanandaj after that we will male our way to Marivan to visit Zarivar lake and Garan historical bridge and also Gavileh waterfall.

Day 9

Kurdistan, Iran

There are many natural attractions in Kurdistan that make it as one of the most beautiful parts of Iran. We are going to visit another beautiful village in this part of the country. Uraman Takht is a common border between Iran and Iraq and attracts many travelers each year to see its beauty. The breathtaking beauty of this area stems from the winding valleys, the high mountains, the meandering rivers, and the clouds that are as close to the ground.

Day 10

Kermanshah, Iran

Kermanshah is our next stop in the western part of Iran. This city is called the cradle of Iranian civilization and tourism because it is rich in nature in addition to its ancient culture. Taq-e Bostan, Shafei mosque and Mount Behistun are the most popular places we are going to visit.

Day 11

Khuzestan, Iran

Our last destination in one of the most exciting cities of Iran because of its ancient cities and welcoming people. Khuzestan is called the land of Kings. On our first day in this province, we are going to the old city of Susa or Shush. Apadana palace, Chogha Zanbil, Susa castle and Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System are our main destinations.

Day 12

Khuzestan, Iran

On the last day of our trip, we are going to the heart of Khuzestan nature especially in the city of Dezful. Dez river, Shevi waterfall, Kool Khersan valley and Dezful water mills and structures are only few examples that we are going to explore in this magnificent city.

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