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car rental in Dubai

Ford Fusion

  • 1 upto 6 days : 29 € daily
  • 6 upto 13 days : 27 € daily
  • more than 13 days : 25 € daily

Free Unlimited Mileage

technical details

Kia Sportage

  • 3 upto 6 days : 26 € daily
  • 6 upto 13 days : 24 € daily
  • more than 13 days : 22 € daily

Free Unlimited Mileage

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Nissan Patrol

  • 1 upto 6 days : 88 € daily
  • 6 upto 13 days : 86 € daily
  • more than 13 days : 84 € daily

Free Unlimited Mileage

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Nissan Altima

  • 1 upto 6 days : 29 € daily
  • 6 upto 13 days : 27 € daily
  • more than 13 days : 25 € daily

Free Unlimited Mileage

technical details

ford focus

  • 1 upto 6 days : 25 € daily
  • 6 upto 13 days : 23 € daily
  • more than 13 days : 21 € daily

Free Unlimited Mileage

technical details

Nissan Rogue

  • 1 upto 6 days : 27 € daily
  • 6 upto 13 days : 25 € daily
  • more than 13 days : 23 € daily

Free Unlimited Mileage

technical details

Nissan Sentra

  • 1 upto 6 days : 208 € daily
  • 6 upto 13 days : 206 € daily
  • more than 13 days : 204 € daily

Free Unlimited Mileage

technical details

ford mustang

  • 1 upto 6 days : 190 € daily
  • 6 upto 13 days : 188 € daily
  • more than 13 days : 186 € daily

Free Unlimited Mileage

technical details

Car rental Dubai

Dubai is the city of luxury cars and the people of this city like to ride the best cars in the world. for car rental in Dubai, you can choose and book your desired car even before starting your trip in various ways, and as soon as you arrive in this city, you can ride in your own vehicle. Saadatrent provides the best services with the cheapest prices and deals with 24/7 support for you. The most popular rental cars in Dubai are usually Lamborghini, Land Cruiser, Bugatti, Ferrari. you can search and compare our available cars to choose the right car for your service.

Rent a car in Dubai

Driving is very popular in Dubai, as a tourist, you have to experience it too. just rent a car of your choice and drive it over Sheikh Zayed Road, the longest highway in Dubai.

You can easily travel to Dubai and hire a  luxury car like Bugatti and Ferrari! Dubai is a bustling and beautiful city, and driving with the most luxurious cars is a dream for everyone.

Besides, one way to avoid wasting time and travel while traveling is to rent a car and spend most of your golden time instead of spending money on the subway and bus. Join us as we explore the ways to rent a car in Dubai.

But how? How can you rent a car in Dubai? Saadatrent, the best car rental in Iran company makes this dream come true for you. Today we want to show you all the conditions for renting a car in Dubai, the rules and regulations, its costs and all the tips on this subject.

Looking to rent a car in Dubai? easily done! No matter if you want to rent daily or monthly, Saadatrent is here to help. hiring a Car in Dubai means that are you no longer stuck in the city and you can EXPLORE the country even more. The United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer tourists and when you rent a car, all places are possible! no matter near, no matter far!

Travel to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most modern and popular tourist cities in the world, and every year millions of tourists travel to this city to see its creative and unique attractions. In this colorful jewel of the Middle East, you will see people from different cultures and visit attractions that are unparalleled in the world.

Dubai's proximity to Iran and its mild autumn weather make many Iranians choose this season to travel to the luxurious and modern city of Dubai. It is a city where tradition and modernity go hand in hand. You can stay in luxury and expensive hotels and go to shopping malls, which are among the most luxurious centers in the world, while also seeing old houses and traditional museums in the historical parts of the city.

Dubai is one of the largest and most modern cities in the United Arab Emirates, and many tourists from around the world travel to the Middle East every year for fun. The presence of many shopping malls and countless leisure and tourism centers has made this city an attractive tourist destination. Due to its proximity to Iran and ease of travel, Dubai has always been a destination for Iranians for leisure travel.


Car rental in Dubai with Saadatrent

Looking for a car to tour in Dubai? Fortunately, Saadat Rent International Company has made it possible for our dear compatriots to provide their services outside of Iran's borders. Saadat Rent car rental in Dubai agents is located in all cities of the country and at Dubai International Airport. So, no matter where you want the car, you can quickly select the car and book online. Ask us to rent a car in Dubai with the best conditions and without documents.


Car rental in Dubai price list:

The car rental price list in Dubai is cluttered, which is the cost of renting a car in one day. Applicants can also pay in Rials.

The price of car rental in Dubai varies depending on the type of car and the rent deposit will be received from the customer according to the value of the car.

20% deposit will be paid in the Tehran branch and the rest in the Dubai branch.

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Car rental with driver (+ private tour in Dubai on request)

Car rental with a driver in Dubai is available for private tours for 3 people, which includes visiting touristic areas. It is available to the customer for 10 hours with the driver.

Saadat Rent, the first organizer of private tours in Dubai, is proud to offer its services to you dear ones in the form of renting a car with a driver for a tour around Dubai. Dubai's private tour is by car and has a minimum capacity of 3 passengers. The car with an experienced driver and familiar with the tourist areas of Dubai is available to you dear ones for 10 hours a day.

Dubai private tour conditions by car

  • Provide selected car with driver
  • Visit Dubai Recreation Center
  • Visiting Abu Dhabi touristic attractions
  • Daily city tours, shopping, and festivals

The minimum time for car rental in Dubai is 10 hours, with a driver's fee of 200 dirhams added.

The driver's fee for a private tour is 200 dirhams per day, which is charged by the driver himself. The prices listed for the tour are in Dubai, and if you want to go from Dubai to Sharjah or one of the surrounding cities, the cost of the tour will be calculated in kilometers.

Please coordinate the tour at least 3 hours in advance.

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Van rental in Dubai

Van rental in Dubai is with the driver, which is available to dear customers for 10 hours a day. The one available in Dubai is Toyota Hayes, which has 14 passengers.

Due to the development of Saadat Rent car rental in Dubai, we have decided to provide services in our latest action and provide van-style ceremonies for managers and people who travel to this city as a group by using experienced drivers and staff. Give. Van rental services in Dubai with a driver are familiar with Dubai's tourist areas, which are available 10 hours a day and are rented without any documentation. The price below is the cost of a driver's and gasoline fare in the city. You do not need to pay any additional fees.

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Car rental in Dubai booking process

The process of booking a car rental in Dubai is completely free, and by calling the company numbers or via WhatsApp, the car you want will be reserved for you whenever you want.

  1. The first step to rent a car in Dubai: Contact the company through the numbers listed on the site or send a message on Telegram or WhatsApp to find out the available cars for rent in Dubai and choose the car you need to rent at the time and place of your request.

  2. The second step to rent a car in Dubai: Send the required documents via Telegram or WhatsApp to book car rental in Dubai

  3. The third step to rent a car in Dubai: Select the payment type                                     A) Payment in Iran in Rials            B) Payment in dirhams when the car is delivered

  4. The fourth/last step to rent a car in Dubai: The last step is to deliver the car to you at your requested location or airport in less than 15 minutes. At this stage, the car is inspected by you and the original documents are received by the representative and finally signed.

Necessary documents for the car rental in Dubai

To facilitate the process of renting a car in Dubai and your customer satisfaction, an Iranian person will support you until the end of the trip. You can easily rent a car by submitting the following documents.

  • Principle of International Certificate
  • Copy of your Visa
  • Copy of your Passport
  • Car delivery in Dubai (transfer fee)

The car will be delivered and refunded at the company's location, but if you want to deliver the car outside the company, for example, the airport, or hotel, etc., the cost of car transfer must be paid, which is 40 for each transfer. It will be tangled. The cost of temporary airport parking is borne by the customer.

Car rental services in Dubai Saadat Rent

  • Online reservation

  • 24-hour support
  • Car rental only with an international certificate and visa documents
  • Car rental in Dubai without the need for a guarantee card or credit card
  • Gasoline car tank full
  • Possibility to extend the lease term
  • Complete car insurance including theft
  • 2018-2019 model cars

Car rental in Istanbul

Reservation via Online booking, E-mail, or WhatsApp


Car rental in Dubai FAQ



As one of the biggest and most trustworthy car rental in Iran company, you don’t need to worry about your transportation in Iran. Saadat Rent with many years of experience of providing the best services for car hire in Iran for customers from around the world.
Saadat rent is available 24/7 in the most cities of Iran especially for car rental Tehran. It doesn’t matter if you want an economy car for traveling between the beautiful cities of Iran, a luxury car for your meeting in the capital or even a van for your road trip.
Saadat rent will help you and offer you the best services for car rental in Iran with driver or self-drive. So, if you decided to travel to this unique country, we are with you so you can rent car in Iran so easy and fast.