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car rental in Dubai in Saadatrent with the best offers and easy terms and conditions is available for you. Saadatrent company with the most satisfied customers is ready to serve you the best services in this metropolitan. We are here to offer you the best car rental Dubai services at the most suitable price. it starts at 22€/day and not only in this country, but you can find car rental in Istanbul and Iran cities on our website. you can find the best daily car rental Dubai rates on our website. you can rent a car in Dubai and drive your dream car on the streets of Dubai.

car rental in Dubai


  • A/C
  • A
  • 4
  • 7
  • 4
  • 1 upto 6 days : 740 AED daily

Deposit: 1500 AED
 Unlimited Mileage

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Rent a car in Dubai with Saadatrent

Dubai is a bustling and beautiful city, and driving with the most luxurious cars is a dream for everyone. Driving is a popular habit in Dubai as a tourist. You can experience it with a car rental in Dubai too. You can rent a car in Dubai and drive it over Sheikh Zayed Road, the longest highway in Dubai. You can easily travel to Dubai and hire a luxury car like Bugatti and Ferrari!

Besides that, the best way to avoid wasting time while traveling is to use car rental in Dubai. If you want to travel to Dubai and looking for ways to travel in this city easily, fast, and of course cheap!, Join us to tell you why car rental is the best option for you, and let's explore the different ways to rent a car in Dubai. 

How can you rent a car in Dubai? Saadatrent, the best car rental in Iran company makes this dream come true for you. Today we want to show you all the terms and conditions for car rental in Dubai. All you have to do is to book your desired rental car in Dubai. You can pick up and drop off your rental car at any time and anywhere in Dubai with 24/7 customer support only in Saadatrent. 

Cheap car rental Dubai

Looking to rent a car in Dubai? Easily done! Whether you want to rent daily car rental Dubai or monthly, Saadatrent is here to help you. Renting a car in Dubai means that you are no longer stuck in the city and can explore this metropolitan even more. The United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer tourists and when you rent a car in Dubai, visiting all places is possible! No matter near, no matter far!

Where is Dubai?

Dubai is one of the largest and most modern cities in the United Arab Emirates, and many tourists from around the world travel to the Middle East every year for fun. The presence of many shopping malls and countless leisure and tourism centers has made this city an attractive tourist destination. Among all destinations in the Middle East, Dubai has always been a destination for everyone for leisure trips.

Dubai is one of the most modern and popular tourist cities globally, and every year millions of tourists travel to this city to see its creative and unique attractions. In this colorful jewel of the Middle East, you will see people from different cultures and visit unparalleled attractions in the world.

Dubai is a city where tradition and modernity go hand in hand. You can stay in luxury and expensive hotels and go to shopping malls, which are among the most luxurious shopping centers globally, while also visiting old houses and traditional museums in the historic parts of the city. 

This city is the favorite destination of many tourists with different interests. With a car rental in Dubai, you can drive on the famous highways of this city and experience a new feeling. You can rent a car in Dubai so easily and by just one call with Saadatrent.

Also, we have made an opportunity for you to book your desired car via our online reservation system and pick it up when you arrive at the Dubai airport. You can receive all the services and facilities that you want from us. We try our best to provide the most qualified services for our dear customers.

Luxury car rental in Dubai

Looking for a car rental in Dubai? Fortunately, Saadatrent company has made it possible for our dear compatriots to provide their services outside Iran's borders. Saadatrent car rental in Dubai agents is available all around the cities, especially at Dubai international airport. So, no matter where you want to deliver your car, you can quickly select the car and book it online. Ask us to rent a car in Dubai with the best conditions and without any documents.

Car rental Dubai cost

The car rental price in Dubai varies depending on the type of car and the number of days you want to hire the car. The deposit will also be received from the customer according to the value of the car.

monthly car rental Dubai

if you plan to stay in Dubai for a long time and think about car rental in Dubai, we offer you monthly car rental Dubai by Saadatrent. You can rent a car for a month at the lowest price with 24/7 customer support and stay in this city with peace of mind and focus on your trip.

Self-drive car rental in Dubai

self-drive car rental in Dubai is the most favorite service for car enthusiasts who love driving world-class cars or drive fast on the highways of Dubai. But please be careful and do not drive too fast. Because as you may know, Dubai police are so strict about the driving rules and have heavy fines for those who don't respect the rules.

car rental in Dubai

rent a car with a driver in Dubai

Car rental with a driver in Dubai is available for private tours for 3 people, which includes visiting tourist areas. It is available to the customer for at least 10 hours with the driver.

Saadatrent, one of the best organizers of private tours in Dubai, offers its services to our dear ones in the form of renting a car with a driver for a tour around Dubai. Dubai's private tour is by car and has a minimum capacity of 3 passengers. The car with an experienced driver and familiar with the tourist areas of Dubai is available to you dear ones for 10 hours a day.

Dubai private tour conditions by car

  • Provide selected car with a driver
  • Visit Dubai recreation center
  • Visiting Abu Dhabi tourist attractions
  • Daily city tours, shopping, and festivals

The minimum time for car rental in Dubai is 10 hours, with a driver's fee of 200 dirhams added.

The driver's fee for a private tour is 200 dirhams per day, which the driver himself charges. The prices listed for the tour are in Dubai, and if you want to go from Dubai to Sharjah or one of the surrounding cities, the cost of the tour will be calculated in kilometers.

daily car rental dubai

Rent a van in Dubai

Van rental in Dubai is with the driver, available to dear customers from 10 hours a day. The one available in Dubai is Toyota Hayes, which has a capacity of 14 passengers.

Due to the development of Saadatrent car rental in Dubai, we have decided to provide services in our latest action and provide van-style ceremonies for managers and people who travel to this city as a group by using experienced drivers and staff.

Van rental services in Dubai with a driver are familiar with Dubai's tourist areas, which are available 10 hours a day and are rented without any documentation. The total price includes the cost of a driver and gasoline fare in the city. You do not need to pay any additional fees.

rent a car with driver in dubai

How to book a car for a car rental in Dubai?

The process of booking a car is completely free. all you have to do is contact the company via WhatsApp or the online reservation website. Then you can reserve your car whenever you want.

  1. Contact the company through the numbers listed on the site or send a message on WhatsApp to find out the available cars for rent in Dubai and choose the car you need to rent at the time and place of your request. 

  2. Send the required documents via WhatsApp to book your desired car. You can also use the Saadatrent online reservation system and book your desired car.

  3. When the car is delivered, you have to select the payment type Payment in Iran in Rials or dirhams.

  4. The last step is to deliver the car to you at your requested location or airport, or hotel. At this stage, the car is inspected by you, and the original documents are received by the representative and finally signed.

Required documents to rent a car in Dubai.

To facilitate renting a car in Dubai and your customer satisfaction, an agent will support you until the end of the trip. You can easily rent a car by submitting the following documents.

  • Principle of International Certificate
  • Copy of your Visa
  • Copy of your Passport

The car will be delivered and refunded at the company's location, but if you want to deliver the car outside the company, for example, the airport, or hotel, etc., the cost of car transfer must be paid, which is 40 for each transfer. It will be tangled. The customer bears the cost of temporary airport parking.

We should mention that, if you want to use car rental with a driver in Dubai or van rental, you don't need to give our agents any documents. You only need to pay the rental cost.

Why should you choose Saadatrent?

Saadatrent offers the best services in car rental in Dubai with 24/7 customer support. We are connected to our customers everywhere and at any time. But that's not all. There are many services that we offer to our customers. some of them are in the following:

  • Online reservation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Car rental only with an international certificate and visa documents
  • Car rental in Dubai without the need for a guarantee card or credit card
  • Full car tank 
  • Possibility to extend the lease term
  • Full car insurance, including theft
  • Brand-new Cars (2018-2019)
  • Pick-up and drop off at any time, anywhere in Dubai

car rental in dubai

Reservation via Online booking, E-mail, or WhatsApp

Car rental in Dubai FAQ



Car rental in Dubai is one of the most convenient decisions when you want to travel to Dubai. Saadat Rent offers a wide range of high-quality vehicles. You can easily choose and rent everything from SUVs, electric sports cars to economy and affordable cars.

Once you have chosen the right car, you can contact our colleagues at Saadat Rent office and book your car. If your desired car wasn’t available, we will provide a car with the same category and the model will be available to you. After providing the required documents that will be announced to you by our partners, you can easily book your car without a credit card and receive it at any location you want in Dubai.