Required Documents for Renting a Car

Learn about the Terms and Conditions of Renting a car in Iran:

Required Documents for Renting a Car

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Insurance Policy

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Step-by-Step Car Hire Process

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Deposit and Payment Terms & Conditions

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In order to Rent from SAADATRENT, all drivers must meet the following requirements:

Minimum age required:

you must be 19 or above to rent a car

driving license:

You must have International Driver's License or your hometown driver's license With your hometown driver's license, you can drive for 6 months from your arrival in Iran

Extra Driver:

You don’t need to pay more for the extra driver and only the driver's license is required

Identification documents required:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Visa
  • Copy of your flight ticket

Payment terms and conditions:

We will receive the rental cost and deposit in cash from the customers when we deliver the car to them

Deposit terms and conditions:

Deposits for economy cars are from 200 to 300 euros
Deposits high-end and luxury cars are from 500 to 900 euros

(Unlike other companies we don’t hold your deposit, and we will return the entire deposit when you return the car.)

More information about car rental services:

All cars are free mileage and our car relief and support is with you all over Iran in less than 45 minutes for free

If you need a car replacement, we will change it in less than 24 hours for free. No extra charge required

Car insurance:

Quoted prices for Self-drive cars include Medium insurance and no mileage limit.
And only the golden insurance is for tires and glass that you need to buy separately.

Daily Insurance and Km Conditions:

Basic Medium Golden
Theft of Vehicle Protection
Third-Party And Car Occupants Protection
Roadside Assistance In Less Than 45 Minutes
Car Accessories Protection
Collision Damage Protection
Free Car Replacement In Less Than 24 Hours
Windscreen, Glass, Lights Protection
Protection in Any Kind of Damage or Natural Disasters
Drop of Value and Right to Stop at the Repair Shop
Providing Hotel at the Time of Car Failures
Financial Responsibility of Ecconomical Cars 1,200 € 800 € 500 €
Financial Responsibility of SUVs 2,200 € 1,400 € 800 €
Insurance Price of Ecconomical Cars Free Free 19 €
Insurance Price of SUVs Free Free 38 €

Deposit and Payment Terms & Conditions

24 hours is considered a day rent price
Reservation and cancelation at Saadatrent are free and with no charge
All the payment price calculated for requested days along with deposit will be received at the delivery time and location.
All the deposit will be returned at the time and place of the car collection
Delays up to 3 hours is with no charge. Delays more than 3 hours is considered a day rent.