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car rental in Iran with Saadatrent makes an unforgettable experience for you. you can travel to Iran and rent a car for an exciting journey between the beautiful cities of Iran. we offer you the best prices, cheap deals and high-quality services. you can rent new cars in Saadatrent with full CDW insurance and 24/7 customer services. Saadatrent also makes an opportunity for you to pick up and drop off your desired car at any time, at any place in different cities of Iran. all you have to do is to contact us and book your car with the easiest terms and conditions between all car rental Iran companies.


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Daily Insurance and Km Conditions:

Basic Medium Golden
Complete car theft insurance
Third-party accident and car occupants
Free magic relief in less than 45 minutes
Car theft insurance
Free car replacement in less than 24 hours
Protection of personal accidents
Rubber and glass insurance and car lights
Any natural damages and disasters
Hotel presentation at the time of technical defect of the car
Financial liability ceiling for borrowers for economic and domestic vehicles 2,330 1,650 1,000
Financial liability ceiling for imported cars and long chassis 5,000 3,650 2,650
Insurance price of economic vehicles Free 6 15
Insurance price for luxury vehicles Free 18 28


Among all the different modes of transportation that are available for traveling in Iran, car rental services are the most popular one among tourists. Saadatrent, as the pioneers of the car rental industry in Iran makes an easy terms and conditions for you to rent your desired car at the most suitable price and start your trip between the extraordinary cities of Iran. you can also use many other services, features and facilities that we have provided for you to make your trip more exciting and comfortable at the same time.

Rent a car in Iran

Car rental in Iran is the best option that you should consider for your transportation among the cities of Iran and also inside the cities. you can easily rent a car with Saadatrent and start your journey between the beautiful cities of Iran. car rental services allow you to visit the attractions and villages that are located between the cities on the roads. also using these services saves a lot of your time and money. but that is not all the advantages of car hire services in Iran. when you rent a car, you actually have a flexible timetable. you can go wherever you want at any time of the day or night. also, it is safer and more comfortable and in some cases faster or cheaper than other modes of transportation in Iran. with all that, I think all you should do is contact us and book your car right now.


Why car rental Iran?

This is a question that may come to your mind why should you choose car rental Iran services when you want to travel to this country? the answer to this question depends on your purpose for traveling to Iran. if you want to travel to Iran to visit Iran tourist cities a car rental is the best choice for you. it is safe and more comfortable than the train and bus. also cheaper than airplanes. also, it allows you to visit many attractions or villages that are located on the road between the cities. also if you want to travel to Iran for business meetings or attend different conferences and international exhibitions, then a car rental in Iran with a driver is the best way for your transportation. our skilled drivers will take you wherever you want on time and they will make sure you have a comfortable trip and you can travel with peace of mind.


Car rental in Tehran is one of the most important services that Saadat rent provides for its customers from around the world. Tehran as the capital of Iran is always the first destination for anyone who travel to Iran whether they travel here for pleasure or business or any other reason.

you may ask why you will need a car rental in Tehran? We can claim that Tehran, as the metropolitan city of Iran and the capital of this country, is the most crowded city in Iran. So, for traveling in this city, you will need a safe and fast transportation way like a rental car Tehran.



car rental in Tehran with Saadatrent has easy terms and conditions and you can receive the high-quality car hire services with the most suitable price. car rental Tehran brings the opportunity for you to have a calm and safe trip in the capital of Iran and enjoy your moments.

It doesn't matter whether you want to travel to this metropolitan for leisure and exploring the city or you have a business meeting or attending international exhibitions and festivals. car hire in Tehran with Saadatrent is here with you to focus on your work with peace of mind while we take you wherever you want.


Car rental in Tehran with the best offers and deals are available for everyone who tends to travel to Iran. Since most of the travelers land in the Imam Khomeini airport, car rental Tehran is essential for them.

Car rental Tehran is the key to transport easy and fast with peace of mind in this city and go wherever you want.



Car rental in Tehran Imam Khomeini international airport is one of the most requested services in Iran. Imam Khomeini international airport (IKA) and Mehrabad airport are the most important airports in Iran that both of them are located in the capital of Iran, Tehran. Car rental in Tehran airport will take you to your hotel after arriving at Tehran airports.

Saadatrent with car rental in Tehran airport takes you to your hotel with safe, cheap, and fast transportation. you can book your car rental Tehran airport with the most affordable price and 24/7 support to take you to your hotel or vice versa.

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As one of the biggest and most trustworthy car rental in Iran company, you don’t need to worry about your transportation in Iran. Saadat Rent with many years of experience of providing the best services for car hire in Iran for customers from around the world.
Saadat rent is available 24/7 in the most cities of Iran especially for car rental Tehran. It doesn’t matter if you want an economy car for traveling between the beautiful cities of Iran, a luxury car for your meeting in the capital or even a van for your road trip.
Saadat rent will help you and offer you the best services for car rental in Iran with driver or self-drive. So, if you decided to travel to this unique country, we are with you so you can rent car in Iran so easy and fast.