Terms and conditions - Saadatrent
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Terms and conditions - Saadatrent

Saadatrent Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

We will return the full deposit upon you return the car.

If you return the car earlier, the full amount will be refunded.

In case of going in the traffic plan zone, 3€ will be received from the customer daily.

The road tolls cost is up to the customers and you can pay 4€ to us to pay all road tolls for you.

The minimum time to rent cars without a driver is at least 3 days.

Canceling your reservation is free.

All car consumption costs up to the company.

Smoking is prohibited in cars, and if this rule is not followed, the full cost of washing the car will be charged to the customer.

If the customer is not satisfied with the technical quality of the rental car, the car will be replaced for free.

In case of car breakdown, roadside assistance will be provided for you in less than 45 minutes, and in case of failure to repair the car in less than 24 hours, the car will be replaced free of charge.

In case of any accident, customer commitment ceiling is the amount of the deposit, and you don’t need to pay more because you will rent all cars with full CDW insurance.

If you want to return the car to another agency and another city, you must notify the office at least 24 hours in advance.

Required Documents:

• Minimum age required:

you must be 19 or above to rent a car

• driving license:

You must have International Driver's License or your hometown driver's license with your hometown driver's license, you can drive for 6 months from your arrival in Iran

• Identification documents required:

Copy of passport

Copy of Visa

Copy of your flight ticket


List of services

Saadatrent List of services

Saadatrent car rental company provides services for you which includes the following

1. Car rental in iran

2. Car rental in cities

3. Self drive car rental

4. Chauffeur driven car rental

5. Van rental

6. Tours