Required Documents for Car Rental in Dubai

Required documents for renting a car in Dubai
Return as same as pickup location

Documents Required to Rent a Car in Dubai

The information and documents required from users for renting car in Dubai from our company vary based on where the users are coming from. Alternatively, if you are a visitor coming to Dubai you will need a specific set of documents that are different from those who are current residents of Dubai. However, all users must provide general information about themselves such as location of residency and contact information (first and last name, phone number, etc.).

Car Rental in Dubai

Required Documents for Renting a Car in Dubai (Tourists and Visitors):

If you are a traveler visiting Dubai and would like to rent a car with SAADATRENT you will need:

NOTE: a plane ticket is also needed for users who would like their car to be delivered to the airport. Also, should any of your companions wish to ride the leased cars, they too must submit the same information.

Documents Required for Renting a Car in Dubai (UAE Residents):

Documents required from residents of Dubai for leasing cars are:

Once you’ve prepared the listed documents, you can easily start the process of renting your desired car via the website.

Steps for renting your car online with SAADATRENT

  1. Login to your account or sign up at if you haven’t already registered
  2. Select the rental service of your choosing (with or without a driver) and pickup/return location in Dubai
  3. Find the car you want to drive from the list of available cars for rent
  4. Submit the required information in the given boxes (be sure to double-check) and upload your documents accordingly or if required send them to us via WhatsApp or Post
  5. Wait for our team to contact you to finalize the process
  6. After your process has been acknowledged you must choose a method of payment
  7. For your convenience, you will receive a copy of your rental contract with SAADATRENT
  8. Now, all you have to do is pick up your car at your specified location (please note that the car will only be handed to the party who has signed the contract)

Saadatrent login process

Any questions you may have about this process can be answered by our customer support team, so feel free to contact us in case of any inquiries, we are on call 24/7 and glad to be of assistance. 

Regulations and Insurance Packages:

SAADATRENT follows a specific set of rules and offers specific insurance packages to accommodate the needs of its users. 


The official regulations for leasing cars from SAADATRENT include:


Accidents always happen, that’s why we have insurance. Of course, different kinds of insurance cover different areas of expenses, and the more optimal your choice of insurance, the lower the risks of financial liability. The platinum level of insurance offered by SAADATRENT is the international LDW insurance package which limits expenses to your initial deposit. However, in the case of accidents, if the leased car is kept under repair for a long period of time, the renter is liable for the accompanied expenses that are not covered by insurance. SAADATRENT offers two types of insurance, basic and full coverage.

Basic Insurance:

This is the minimal insurance package that comes with all rented models and covers the least financial liability, which means the financial costs of any damages done to leased properties are accrued to the renter. The basic insurance covers:

  1. Extended Roadside Assistance (ERA)
  2. SAADATRENT Safety Commitment (SSP)
  3. Full protection against theft
  4. Additional Liability Insurance (ALI)
  5. Car tow and salvage expenses are upon the renter

Daily Price: Free

Full Insurance:

This is essentially a Loss Damage Waiver insurance that covers all expenses and limits financial liabilities to the initial deposit you’ve made. Opting for a full-insurance package will provide you with the latest model of SAADATRENT cars and covers:

  1. ERA
  2. SSP
  3. Full protection against theft
  4. ALI
  5. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)
  6. Car tow and salvage expenses are upon the renter

Daily Price: 19 AED 
So, what are you waiting for, check out our car rental services and the variety of cars we have that you could drive!

Car rental in Dubai with affordable prices

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Frequently asked questions.

Can I rent a car in Dubai with European license?

To rent a car in Dubai, you typically need a valid driver's license, passport, and a deposit.

Can foreigner rent a car in Dubai?

Yes, you can rent a car in Dubai with a European license; it's generally accepted.

Can a tourist rent and drive a car in Dubai?

Foreigners, including tourists, can rent and drive in Dubai with the proper documentation.

Can I rent a car in Dubai without international driver license?

Tourists can rent and drive a car in Dubai with an international driver's license. It's essential if your original license is not in English.

Can I rent a car without UAE license?

You can rent a car in Dubai without a UAE license.

Can anyone rent a car in Dubai?

Most individuals, including tourists and residents, can rent a car in Dubai.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car in Dubai?

A credit card is often required for renting a car in Dubai.

How do I pay tolls with a rental car in Dubai?

Tolls in Dubai can be paid using the Salik system, which is usually set up by the rental car company.

Can I rent in Dubai without residency?

You can rent a car in Dubai without residency; tourists and visitors are welcome to do so.

So what are you waiting for. If you're going to travel to Dubai and want to feel comfortable in your own car, then come on and explore our fleet, we'll get you to your desired ride in no time with the most affordable prices. Just a few easy steps. 

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Full name : James.B | Date : Monday 04 December 2023 15:42

What is Salik?

Full name : SAADATRENT Support | Date : Monday 04 December 2023 16:00

Salik in Dubai is an electronic toll collection system, designed to streamline traffic flow. It uses RFID technology to automatically deduct toll charges from a prepaid account when vehicles pass through Salik gates. Our rental fleet is equipped with Salik tags to ensure seamless travel through toll points in Dubai. You will pay after you return the rental car.