Required Documents For Car Rental In Oman

Document Required For Car Rental In Oman

To rent a car without a driver in Oman, First, You need to prepare the following document.Then, Proceed to make your reservation through the SAADATRENT website in the car rental section. You can submit your documents in two ways: By uploading them in the website registration section or by sending them to us via Whatsapp.


No,having an international or local Omani driver’s license is a mandatory requirement for renting a car in Muscat or Oman
On certain routes in Muscat, road tolls or Salik charges are applied and the total cost is 120 AED. Exploring these routes is recommended due to their unique beauties.
The Deposit will be refunded to your account after 30 days. During this period, Potential road tolls and traffic fines will be deducted from this amount.If you paid the deposit through the Tehran branch and wish to receive it in Iran, The cost of transferring money from Muscat Iran will be calculated.
Tolls in Dubai can be paid using the Salik system, which is usually set up by the rental car company.

Required Documents for car rental in Oman and Muscat:

  • Valid International driver's license

  • Copy of a valid visa

  • Driver’s passport image

  • Payment of the rental fee plus a cash deposit as a guarantee

Additional essential documents for car rental in muscat for permanent residents of Oman includes: 

  • A driving license issued by Oman

  • Copy of a valid residency card in Oman

  • Valid Oman visa

  • Valid Oman passport

  • Payment of a deposit as a guarantee

For foreign tourist, not residing in Oman, the car rental conditions are as follows:

  • Valid international driving license (Licenses issued by European and American countries without the need for an international license are acceptable)

  • Valid tourist visa for Oman

  • Passport image with a minimum of 6 months validity

  • Payment of a deposit as a guarantee

Conditions for car rental in Oman are as follows:

  • The minimum age for renting a car in oman is 19 years

  • Obtaining an international driving license (Residents of Europe and Gulf cooperation council countries do not need an international license for the 6 months after in Oman)

  • Copy of the driver’s passport

  • Payment of a guarantee deposit

Car rental process and rules in muscat: 

  • When the car is delivered to you, an electronic copy of the car rental contract in Oman and Muscat will be emailed to you.
  • If you’re a resident of Iran, you need to visit one of the world tourism and driving association branches to obtain your international driving license.

  • You can make the deposit and rental payment both in person and remotely , either through the Tehran branch or during the car delivery in Muscat or any location in Oman.Payments can be made in various currencies, including Omani rial, Iranian Toman, US Dollar, Euro, and even digital currencies like BTC and USDT.

  • After completing the online reservation, there is no need for a phone call; our sales team will contact you within a maximum of 3 hours. If you are unable to upload documents after completing the online reservation, wait for our specialist to contact you and receive the necessary documents via Whatsapp.

Insurance conditions for rental cars in Oman: 

When the car is delivered to you, Choosing insurance with broader coverage reduces your financial responsibility in the event of an accident. All cars available at the Oman branch are insured, and we will outline the commitment of this insurance below:

  1. Extended Roadside Assistance (ERA)
  2. Saadatrent Safety Pledge (SSP)
  3. Additional Liability Insurance (ALI)

In the event of an accident, the cost of towing the car to the repair shop is the customer’s responsibility.

Daily price: Free

Steps for renting cars in Oman and Muscat with SAADATRENT:

  • Login to your account or sign up at if you haven’t already registered.

  • Select the rental service of your choosing (with or without a driver) and pickup/return location in Oman.

  • Choose your desired car from the website with specific prices and deposits.(All Car Information is Up-To-Date).

  • Submit the required information in the given boxes (be sure to double-check) and upload your documents accordingly or if required send them to us via WhatsApp or Post.

  • After the reservation request, Our experts will contact you within less than 3 hours to finalize the process.

  • After your process has been acknowledged you must choose a method of payment.

  • For your convenience, you will receive a copy of your rental contract with SAADATRENT
    Now, all you have to do is pick up your car at your specified location. (please note that the car will only be handed to the party who has signed the contract)

Which countries driving licenses are valid in Oman: 

BahrainKuwaitSaudi Arabia
Canada (Quebec*)LithuaniaSingapore
DenmarkNetherlands (Holland)South Africa
FinlandNew ZealandSpain
HungaryPortugalUnited Kingdom (UK)
IrelandQatarUnited States of America (USA)

About SAADATRENT in Oman:

SAADATRENT provides you with the ideal car for a memorable and delightful journey, considering your needs and budget. All stages of renting and returning the car are designed to offer you a comfortable and stress-free experience. You can pick up and return your desired car at any place and time in Muscat and Oman. If you have any questions not addressed on this page, you can contact our support team via Whatsapp. Our team is available seven days a week, ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day.